GEMMS: Gateway to Early Modern Manuscript Sermons

We see this project as not only a database, but also as an opportunity to develop and maintain a community of researchers who work with sermons. User contributions will help to ensure that this resource continues to grow and develop, ensuring long-term usefulness for researchers.

We invite users to contribute their own data by submitting this form. It is not expected that you will be able to complete all the fields on the template. Required fields are indicated on the form. Please consult the Contributors’ Guide for guidance on filling in your information. In order to provide consistency among entries, GEMMS researchers will enter your data and publicly credit you for your contribution(s).

At a later date, we hope to have a smoother procedure in place for contributors. Please check back later for updates on the progress towards this goal.


Dase, Kyle
Durham, Benjamin
Evans, Catherine
Farooq, Jennifer
Gebhardt, Mary
Hughes, Ann
Hunt, Arnold
Imes, Robert
James, Anne
Kemp, Helen
Nelson, Brent
Richter, Adam
Robinson, David
Shami, Jeanne
Snoddy, Richard
Taylor, Brandon
Walton (Busfield), Lucy
Weimer, Adrian Chastain
White, William
Wood, Hannah
Yip, Hannah