GEMMS: Gateway to Early Modern Manuscript Sermons


New England Beginnings is a partnership to encourage and promote activities that commemorate the cultures that shaped early New England. Their activities are designed to 1) tell the stories of the region in the seventeenth century to a wide, general public audience and 2) enhance accessibility of resources for future scholarship in the field. The project is co-ordinated by Francis J. Bremer, Professor Emeritus of History, Millersville University of Pennsylvania. Currently it comprises 19 partner institutions, 4 Ancestry organizations, 6 International partners (including GEMMS), and 25 participating scholars.

Dr. Williams’s Library has generously allowed us full access to their archival collections and has offered support in numerous other ways, including hosting our launch. We particularly appreciate the kind assistance of Dr. David Wykes and the archives staff—Jane Giscombe, Alan Argent, and Lisa Cheetham.


Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada
University of Regina
University of Saskatchewan Humanities and Fine Arts Digital Research Centre