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TitleThirty-Nine Sermons or Drafts of Sermons
ShelfmarkMS. Add. A. 89
Creation Dateca. 1595 - 1625
RepositoryBodleian Library
Contents NoteThe Bodleian Catalogue notes that these sermons are in English and Latin. The manuscript contains Oxford bidding prayers (f.224v) along with some Latin disputations (likely the Latin materials on ff. 225r-227v and f. 224r). Many of the sermons in this manuscript begin in English but conclude in Latin. The Latin is sometimes (but not always) an added prayer.
Material FeaturesThe manuscript comprises 246 leaves, in a cloth case. The outside of the cover states, "Volume of MS. Sermons of Dr. South's," but the Bodleian cataloguer regards this ascription as "absurd," since South lived from 1643 until 1716. From f. 198r on, the sermons are copied from the other end of the book and are written upside down.
Associated Peoplemanuscript owner - Matthew, Tobie (Tobias)manuscript owner - Rimmell, E. manuscript owner? - Calf hill (Calfield), John
ProvenanceThe Bodleian cataloguer conjectures that the sermons may have been written by a Westminster and Christ Church man, attached perhaps as chaplain to Archbishop Tobie Matthew at both Durham and York. The Bodleian cataloguer conjectures that the author may be John Calf hill (Calfield) (d. 1619) who was perhaps Archbishop Matthew's cousin. However, Rosamund Oates has recently made the argument that this sermon notebook was created by Tobie Matthew for himself and his chaplains, and that the scribe was most likely a secretary of Matthew's. See Rosamund Oates, Moderate Radical: Tobie Matthew and the English Reformation (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018), ch. 3.
AcquisitionThe Bodleian bought these sermons for 10 pounds on December 15, 1864, from E. Rimmell as Tobie Matthew's autograph sermons.
Source of DataJeanne Shami; Lucy Busfield; Bodleian Library Summary Catalogue, vol. 5; Rosamund Oates, Moderate Radical: Tobie Matthew and the English Reformation (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018), ch. 3.
Other Note
Sermons ContainedSermon on Luke 2:14 -- ff. 4r-11rSermon 1 on Matthew 6:33 -- ff. 12r-18vSermon 2 on Matthew 6:33 -- ff. 19r-26vSermon on Matthew 5:20 -- ff. 27r-34rSermon on Luke 12:47 -- ff. 35r-43vSermon 1 on Romans 14:16 -- ff. 44r-49vSermon 2 on Romans 14:16 -- ff. 50r-61rSermon on 1 Timothy 4:8 -- ff. 62r-65vSermon on Psalms 84:1 -- ff. 66r-70rSermon on Psalms 34:11 -- ff. 71r-75vSermon on Matthew 13:9 and Luke 8:8 -- ff. 76r-80vSermon on Luke 10:25-28 -- ff. 82r-87vSermon on Galatians 5:6 -- ff. 88r-91vSermon on Isaiah 29:13 -- ff. 92r-93vSermon on 1 Peter 2:11 -- ff. 94r-95vSermon on Psalms 85:8 -- ff. 96r-103vSermon on Joel 2:12 -- ff. 104r-112vSermon on Hosea 6:1-4 -- ff. 113r-118vSermon on Matthew 18:1-3 -- f. 119r-vSermon on Psalms 99:1 -- ff. 120r-124vSermon on Ecclesiastes 7:18 -- ff. 125r-135rSermon on Matthew 11:12 -- ff. 136r-142vSermon on Canticles 8:6 -- ff. 143r-151vSermon on 1 Timothy 4:13-16 -- ff. 152r-158vSermon on Matthew 22:21 -- ff. 159r-168vSermon on Matthew 18:7 -- ff. 169r-175vSermon on Psalms 90:12 -- ff. 176r-183vSermon on Psalms 111:1-10 -- ff. 184r-189vSermon on Psalms 75 -- ff. 190r-197vSermon on Ecclesiastes 8:6-8 -- ff. 198v-200v Sermon on Luke 7:11-18 -- ff. 201r-202vSermon on 2 Corinthians 5:13 -- ff. 203r-205vSermon on Matthew 16:24 -- ff. 206r-211vSermon on Luke 14:7-12 -- ff. 212r-214vSermon on John 3:5 -- ff. 215r-216vSermon on Matthew 7:21 -- f. 217r-vSermon on 2 Corinthians 10:3 -- f. 218 r-vSermon on Galatians 5:16-18 -- f. 219r-vSermon on Ephesians 4:17-25 -- ff. 220r-221vSermon on Ephesians 4:1 -- ff. 222r-223vElecti non possunt excidere a gratia. Electi certi ee? possunt de salute -- ff. 228r-233vSermon on Galatians 5:5-6 -- ff. 234r-242v
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