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TitlePapers of the Rev. James Hogg (c. 1658-1734) Vol 1
ShelfmarkMSS HOG 1
Creation Dateca. 1730 - 1733
Contents NoteAround two thirds of the volume is made up of copies of James Hogg's letters, with the volme opening, "A Copy of Several Letters from Mr Jas: Hogg Minister of the Gospel in Carnock to his Frineds in Edinburgh". The letters are all dated from the early 1730s, and have biblical references given in the margins. They seem to have been copied from a print source. At the back of the volume are nine sermons, with separate pagination, including several that are too late to be added to the GEMMS database: Sermon 5 "A sermon preached upon Saturday before Celebrating the Sacrament of the Lords Supper in Edinb: Tolbooth Church, March the 5th 1720 By Mr Darling", Revelations 22:1, pp. 66 - 91. Sermon 6 "A Sermon preached by Mr Henry Davisdson minister of the Gospell at Galasheels upon the 26 of Sept. 1720 in the Kirkyard of Gladsmuir being the Munday after the Communion", John 15:14, pp. 92 - 108. Sermon 7 "The 2d Diet. A Sermon preached by Mr Wilson Minst. of the Gospel at Perth Sept. 26 1720 in the Kirkyard of Gladsmuir. on Isaiah 28 chapter 16. vers", pp. 108 - 123. Sermon 8 "A Sermon preached at Penport Sept 2d 1721 on Collosians 2d Chap: 10 verse", pp. 123 - 146. Sermon 9 "Another Sermon preached at Penport Sept 2d 1721 On Ephesians 1. chap. verse 22-23", pp. 146 - 164. On the left margin of the first page of the sermons is an inscription, partially illegible due to the trimming of the volume, "William? M[] C[] aught his book".
Material FeaturesBound in brown leather. Written in one very neat, clear hand. The volume is potentially made up of several separate manuscripts that have been bound together, as one tranche of letters are paginated up until p. 130, and then followed by another series of letters paginated separately. The sermons seem to have been trimmed separately to fit the volume as some of the page numbers are cut and illegible.
Associated Peoplemanuscript owner - M[ ] C[ ], William
Source of DataCatherine Evans
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