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TitleSermon Book from St Alban the Martyr, Holborn
Creation Dateca. 1700 - 1799
Contents NoteFull sermons, without biblical texts or preaching information. Difficult to tell at points where sermons begin and end; the preacher has broken it up in the table of contents, but the contents can be read coherently and continuously. The material on pp. 368-376, entitled "Maxims of Prudence in the Oeconomy of Human Life," does not appear to be a sermon but rather a list of maxims.
Material FeaturesSoft leather binding, probably original. Table of contents pasted down on front board and continued on backboard (contents listed only from p. 104). Same extremely neat, large hand. Paginated. 376 pages.
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Source of DataHannah Wood
Other NoteThis sermon book comes from the repository of materials belonging to St Alban the Martyr, Holborn, Brooke St, Camden. This church was constructed in 1863, so the sermon volume cannot be the work of one of its clergymen. It may have been authored by a preacher within the ancient parish of St Andrew Holborn, which fractured into smaller parishes in the 18th century.
Sermons ContainedThe Happiness of Separate a future State -- pp.1-75Remarks on the Foregoing Discourse -- pp. 76-91Remark (Are the Spirits of the Just, who are Departed from Earth...) -- pp. 92-97Remark (Are the Spirits of Just Men in Heaven made Perfect...) -- pp. 98-103Christ as God and Man -- pp. 104-106Happiness of Regeneration -- pp.107-124The Soul of Man -- pp. 124-136Sensual Pleasures -- pp. 136-139 or 136-152 (see note)Self Consciousnes -- pp. 139-167 or 152-167 (see note)Diffusive Charity -- pp. 167-172Slothfull Life -- pp. 167-172Female Gameing -- pp. 175-183Morallity -- pp. 183-191Revealed Religeon -- pp. 191-193Immortallity of the Soul -- pp. 193-197Society -- pp. 197-199Man's Chief Duty -- pp. 199-205To God and our Neighbour -- pp. 205-217Riches, Pleasure, and Health -- pp. 217-219Rich and Poor Compared -- pp. 220-224Bussines and Pleasure -- pp. 224-230Life of Man -- pp. 230-235High Life -- pp. 235-236Religeon -- pp. 236-240Picture of a Good Man -- pp. 240-245On the necessity of Patience -- pp. 245-253Proper Pleasures of Age -- pp. 253-260Religeous Fear -- pp. 260-268Sentiments on Divine Love -- pp. 269-276Acts of Love to God -- pp. 277-282To know how to live and die well -- pp. 282-295Old Age how it shod be employ'd -- pp. 296-301How to serve God by our Charity -- pp. 301-304On Time and Company -- pp. 304-315Philosopher's House -- pp. 316-320Difference of Nature in Men -- pp. 321-328The Publick Good and Charity -- pp. 328-336Retirement and Solitude -- pp. 336-364How to make it pleasant -- pp. 364-365An Honest Man described -- pp. 365-367
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