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Title Sermons by Gerard Saltmarsh, late 17th - early 18th cent.
Creation Dateca. 1690 - 1710
RepositoryBodleian Library
Contents NoteRepository catalogue: thirteen sermons annotated by Gerard Saltmarsh, some (pp. 293-310, 419-37) adapted from French or (pp. 311-71) from Italian, all listed on p. 459, late 17th-early 18th cent. The last sermon appears to have been preached in the presence of the Duke of Norfolk. Also includes: (pp. 1-97) the epistles (pp. 108-244) the gospels, for each Sunday and the chief festivals throughout the year.
Material FeaturesQuarto-size manuscript volume, sewn. Binding: leather on cardboard, back cover lost. Faint red margins drawn round pages. Hand: clear Italic. Interlined corrections and additions in different script and ink.
Associated Peoplepreacher - Saltmarsh, Gerald
ProvenanceNot stated
Acquisition Bought from John Wilson (Autographs) Ltd in 1981
Source of DataLucy Underwood
Other NoteSermons are desciribed as 'Taken out of French adapted to a Commonn Auditory etc with some of my own in it. Preacher & author / translator, Saltmarsh attributes three of the sermons to others: Thomas Witham, Mr Mert[on].
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