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Title[18th century sermons]
Creation Dateca. 1700 - 1834
Contents NoteVarious sermons, both complete and fragmentary, in a number of hands. The majority are undated, but assumed to date from the 18th century on palaeographic grounds. There are no preachers or places of preaching specified, and the hands do not suggest that they were preached by John Headlam, although some may have been. There are two dated sermons too late for the scope of GEMMS: 1) Sermon on 1 John 2:1, 11 ff. 1809-1834; 2) Sermon on unknown text, 1755 - 1794.
Material Features8 paper booklets of various sizes, in a variety of hands.
Associated Peoplemanuscript owner - Headlam, John
ProvenanceIn the Headlam and Headlam-Morley Papers. From the papers of John Headlam (1769-1854), archdeacon of Richmond from 1826.
AcquisitionThe papers were inventoried at Whorlton Hall 4 October 1972. The material transferred to Durham was box-listed in WORD by M.M.N. Stansfield in December 2002. John Headlam's papers were then sorted and catalogued in MODES by M.M.N. Stansfield in 2003.
Source of DataCatherine Evans
Other Note
Sermon Reports Contained
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