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TitleCollection of sermons
ShelfmarkMS. Rawl. E. 89
Creation Dateca. 1692 - 1716
RepositoryBodleian Library
Contents NoteThe ninth of nine volumes of sermons that were preached primarily at Sacomb, Hertfordshire (1692-1695), Matching, Essex (1696-1698), [Monken] Hadley, Middlesex (1705-1715/6?) and East and High Barnet, Hertfordshire (1705-1715/6?). The preacher often notes the chief parishioners present. There are scraps of sermons on ff. 251r-264r, but there is no way of connecting them, and they have not been included in the database.
Material FeaturesPaper, 376 leaves, 6 1/4 x 4 1/8 inches. It is often difficult to determine where one sermon or set of notes ends and another begins.
Associated Peoplemanuscript owner - Rawlinson, Richardmanuscript owner? - Taylor, Robert
Source of DataJeanne Shami, Bodleian Library Summary Catalogue, vol. 3
Other NoteThese sermons are very likely by Robert Taylor, who was the rector of East Barnet, Hertfordshire (1681-1719) and the curate of Monken Hadley, Middlesex, ca. 1697. Another volume in this collection (MS. Rawl. E. 86) gives "Taylor" as the preacher's name, and these places and dates fit the preaching data for these sermons. Both Old and New Style dates are used.
Sermon Reports Contained
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