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TitleNotes on sermons preached by John Conant
ShelfmarkMS. Don. f. 40
Creation Date1654 - 1683
RepositoryBodleian Library
Contents NoteA notebook containing Thomas Aldersey's notes on sermons preached by John Conant in 1654-1655. The sermons were preached "at his Friday Lecture in Oxford." A note on p. xxxv identifies the subject of the sermons as "the person natures & offices of Our Lord". The volume consists of chapters with headings, but not explications of particular texts. The manuscript appears to be a digest or summary, organized according to the main points that Conant made at his Friday Lectures. Topics include Christ’s person, nature, and offices, and also Antichrist and the Conversion of the Jews. The tract is divided into six parts and further subdivided by chapters. Part 6 (pp. 227-253) is actually a set notes on a single sermon, preached by Conant on 2 Thessalonians 2:3-12. The other five parts are as follows: "Part 1: Concerning the Person & Natures of Jesus Christ" (five chapters, pp. 1-62)"; "Part 2: Concerning the Offices of Jesus Xt, & particularly his Propheticall office" (4 chapters, pp. 63-100); "Part 3: Concerning the Priestly Office of Jesus Christ" (8 chapters, pp. 101-144); "Part 4: Touching Christ’s Kingly Office" (10 chapters, pp. 145-205); "Part 5: Touching the Conversion of the Jews" (5 chapters, pp. 205-226). Also included in this manuscript are notes on a sermon on Revelation 14:8 by Rowland Sherrard, dated 5 November 1683 (pp. 255-264).
Material Featuresxxxvi + 264 pages. Bound in ruled calf.
Associated Peoplemanuscript owner - Aldersey, Thomas
AcquisitionThis is one of twenty notebooks owned by Aldersey that were purchased by the Bodleian from Sotheby's, as lot 323, on 18 December 1986.
Source of DataJeanne Shami; Bodleian Library Online Catalogue of Aldersey Notebooks
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Sermon Reports Contained
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