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TitleA sermon booke
Creation Dateca. 1616 - 1649
Contents NoteA sermon book owned by Dorothy Phillips with notes dated 1616-1617. Also includes food, medical, and household recipes (ff. 23r-27r [rectos only], 68r-72r, 79r, 123v-126v, 147v, 193v-195v [written in reverse]), as well as notes on the births and deaths of members of the Hanmer family based in Selattyn, Shropshire, into which Philipps married (ff. 27v, then 28r-41r [rectos only]). On f. 74r is a note admonishing Christians who "Joyne with infidels". A brief note on f. 91r reads "treats ye Sinceryty, impartiality Candor". Brief notes on ff. 92r, 159v, written sideways, are illegible.
Material Features198 leaves. Written in two parts. Part I proceeds from front to back (ff 1r-128r) and Part II upside-down from back to the front (169r-198v). The handwriting is very clear in Part I, but much less clear in Part II. On f. i r-v, Philipps has written the title "A Sermon booke" under which are scribbles in various inks, including her name several times. The end of the notes on a particular sermon is often marked with the word "telos" in Greek. Some of the recipes are written sideways. Blank on ff. 41v-67v, 72v-73v, 74v-78v, 79v-90v, 91v, 92v-96v, 97v-107r, 118r-123r, 127r, 128v-147r, 148r-159r, 160r-168v, 184v-185r.
Associated Peoplemanuscript owner - Philipps, Dorothy
ProvenanceThis volume was formerly Folger MS Add 229.
Source of DataAdam Richter; LUNA: Folger Digital Image Collection
Other NoteThe creation dates reflect the fact that the notes on the Hanmer family include dates as late as 1649.
Sermon Reports Contained
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