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TitleDisbound exposition on Psalm 25 subsequently used as separate sermons
Creation Dateca. 1640 - 1643
Contents NoteSermons preached at Brightwell, Berkshire, c. 1641-1643. together with other pages from the exposition. The wording and numbering of the verses are taken from the Book of Common Prayer. (So, for example, Psalms 25:3 referred to by Hyde is equivalent to verse 4 in the Bible).
Material FeaturesBundle F comprises 25 separate numbered documents stored together in one conservation box. Not all used as sermons. Loose-leaf, secured by string or metal pin.
Associated Peoplemanuscript owner - Boreman, Robertmanuscript owner - Plume, Thomas
ProvenancePreviously owned by Robert Boreman (d. 1675).
AcquisitionLeft to the Library in Thomas Plume's will of 1704.
Source of DataHelen Kemp
Other Note
Sermons ContainedSermon on Psalms 25:1 -- 8 foliosSermon on Psalms 25:3 -- 16 foliosPs.25 v.3. Shew me thy ways O Lord and teach me thy paths -- 7 foliosSermon on Psalms 25:5. -- 8 foliosPs.25 v.6. Remember not the sinnes and offenses of my youth but according to thy mercie, etc. -- 6 foliosPs.25 v.6 But according to thy mercie think upon me O Lord for thy goodness -- 4 foliosPs.25 v 9. Them that be meeke shal he guide in Judgements and such as be gentle, then shal he Learn his way -- 12 foliosPs.25 v.10 For thy names sake O Lord be merciful unto my sinne for it is great -- 8 foliosPs.25 v.11-13 What man is he that fearest the Lord? Him shall for Teach in the way that he shall choose -- 23 FoliosPs.25 vers 14 Mine eyes are ever looking unto seeking the Lord for he shall plucke my feet out of the net -- 10 foliosPs.25 v.15 Turne then unto me and have mercie upon me, for I am desolate and in misery -- 16 foliosPs. 25 vs 17 Looke upon mine adversitie and my misery and forgive me all my sinne -- 8 foliosPs. 25 vs 18 Consider mine enemies how many they are and they have a tyrannical hate against me -- 8 foliosPs. 25 vs 19 O keepe my soul etc -- 2 foliosPs. 25 vs 19 O keepe my soul and deliver me let me not be confounded for I have put my Trust in Thee -- 4 foliosPs.25 vs 20 Let perfectness and righteous dealing form me for my hope hath been in thee -- 12 foliosSermon [1] on Psalms 25:21 -- 6 foliosSermon [2] on Psalm 25: 21 -- 8 foliosSermon on Psalm 25: 21 out of all his Troubles -- 1 folioAnd never cease to pray to God to bring me and his whole church and this whole state out of all our troubles -- 1 folioBecause God is love and no love is like that which touches the soul -- 1 folioYett here we do not find that St Aug. would have the affusion of Blood the way to propogat the religious -- 8 foliosExactness in this explication your diligence in attention; both owe carefulness -- 1 folioThereby acknowledge by allowing mercie -- 4 foliosFor mercy it is said unto thee I lift up my soul -- 1 folio
Sermon Reports Contained
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