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TitleCollection of sermons
ShelfmarkMS. Eng. th. e. 14
Creation Date1620 - 1633
RepositoryBodleian Library
Contents NoteCollection of 36 sermons mostly at St. Mary's and other churches in Oxford, and a few in London, 1620-1633. Jeremy Allen was the scribe. Dedication of Walter Stonehouse to Mrs. Mary Langton after the death of her husband. The sermons are followed in the manuscript by Ward's letters to Lake and a note on the controversies in the Church of England.
Material Featuresxii + 630 pages.
Associated Peoplemanuscript owner? - Allen, Jeremy
Source of DataRichard Snoddy; Bodleian Library New Summary Catalogue, vol. 6; Hannah Yip.
Other NoteThis manuscript is discussed in some detail in Mary Morrissey, 'Sermon-Notes and Seventeenth-Century Manuscript Communities', Huntington Library Quarterly, 80.2 (2017), 293-307 (pp. 305-307); Mary Morrissey, 'Ornament and Repetition: Biblical Interpretation in Early Modern English Preaching', in The Oxford Handbook of the Bible in Early Modern England, ed. by Kevin Killeen, Helen Smith and Rachel Willie (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015), pp. 303-316 (pp. 305-306, 313).
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