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Name Cole, Jr
Livedb. - d. (old)
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Linked SermonsSermon on 1 Corinthians 15:20 -- preacher? (autograph: no)Sermon on Psalms 45:7 -- preacher (autograph: no)
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Source of DataAnne James; David Robinson
Biographical Sources ConsultedCCEd (Person ID: 42794)
Other NotePreacher of a sermon attended by Philip Henry in 1662. He is identified in Henry's notes as "Mr Cole, Jnr." A Mr. Cole is mentioned several times in Henry's diaries, but neither the father's nor the son's first names appear. He could be one of the preachers named Gilbert Cole who may have been active in Shropshire at the time of the associated sermons (CCEd Person ID: 42794).
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