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NameRobert Browne
Livedb. - d. (old)
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(autograph: uncertain)Sermon verse 7 I have fought a good fight [2] -- notetaker? (autograph: uncertain)Sermon we have seen what Paul's manner of life was -- notetaker? (autograph: uncertain)That can [text missing] -- preacher (autograph: yes)that for a little affliction -- preacher (autograph: yes)The authority of God is very eminent -- preacher (autograph: yes)The best meanes -- preacher (autograph: yes)The fear of God -- preacher (autograph: yes)The first purpose is thus: men must become innocent not for feare of punishment but for love of riteousnesse -- preacher (autograph: yes)The first weeping is the weeping of the soule of God -- preacher (autograph: yes)The meanes how to accomplish this -- preacher (autograph: yes)The part from ye -- preacher (autograph: yes)The rebellious heart of man -- preacher (autograph: yes)There be too essential parts of ye man his soul and his body -- preacher (autograph: yes)The sacrament is -- preacher (autograph: yes)The saints of god they have a visible honour -- preacher (autograph: yes)The second use of [1] -- preacher (autograph: yes)The second use of [2] -- preacher (autograph: yes)These wordes doe naturallie divide themselves unto to parts -- preacher (autograph: yes)The unlearnest man that is may understand -- preacher (autograph: yes)They that are poore in spirit are sometimes rich in grace and may then inherit the kingdome of God -- preacher (autograph: yes)This word believe is used in a three fold -- preacher (autograph: yes)This would below -- preacher (autograph: yes)Thousand rivers of oile -- preacher (autograph: yes)Thus each of the affirmative -- preacher (autograph: yes)Thus wee have done with ye outward meanes and must [therefore] come now to ye inward meanes -- preacher (autograph: yes)Thus we have seen -- preacher (autograph: yes)Use: if all in a word -- preacher (autograph: yes)Use: is it thus that we came all from ye Lord -- preacher (autograph: yes)Use more of this point -- preacher (autograph: yes)Wee have here laid out unto us -- preacher (autograph: yes)When out of a true [implicite] faith I am assured that Xt died for man -- preacher (autograph: yes)Your comfort shall be -- preacher (autograph: yes)
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Associated PlacesKent -- Home
Source of DataHelen Kemp
Biographical Sources Consultedfl. 17th century. MA0114 H.25 contains an address label addressed to Robert Browne in Kent by his father Anthony Browne. There are numerous preachers named Robert Brown(e) in the GEMMS biographical sources, and this particular one has not yet been identified. One possibility is Robert Browne (ca. 1550-1663 (ODNB, ID: 3695), religious separatist and son of Anthony Browne, but he has no known connection to Kent.
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