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NameGeorge Villiers
Livedb. 1592-08-28 - d. 1628-08-23 (old)
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Linked SermonsA Stil Voyce by Willyam Loe DD -- dedicatee (autograph: no)Dr Donne. Iud.15.20 -- dedicatee (autograph: no)
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Associated PlacesCambridge University -- Place of Business
Source of DataACAD (Venn) (ID: VLRS628G); ODNB (Article: 28293); Hannah Yip.
Biographical Sources ConsultedACAD (Venn) (ID: VLRS628G); ODNB (Article: 28293)
Other NoteGeorge Villiers was born on 28 August 1592 at Brooksby, Leicestershire. In August 1614, he was introduced to James I, and quickly became the king's new favourite. On 6 January 1617, he became Earl of Buckingham; less than a year later, he became a marquess. In 1623, he visited Madrid with Prince Charles to negotiate the match between Charles and the Habsburg Infanta María Ana, which ultimately proved unsuccessful. In the same year, he was created Duke of Buckingham. Although Buckingham remained an unpopular figure, he was continually in royal favour. In June 1626, he was awarded the chancellorship of the University of Cambridge. When war against France broke out in 1627, Buckingham commanded a naval and land expedition to support the Huguenots at La Rochelle; however, his army was compelled to withdraw after four months. Buckingham was stabbed to death on 23 August 1628 by John Felton, a soldier who had previously served under Buckingham. He was given a night burial on 18 September, and his tomb was installed at Westminster Abbey. See also Roger Lockyer, Buckingham: The Life and Political Career of George Villiers, First Duke of Buckingham 1592-1628 (New York, NY, 1981).
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