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NameJohn Hunter
Livedb. ca. 1670-01-01 - d. 1756-02-12 (new)
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Associated PlacesAyr -- Post
Source of DataCatherine Evans
Biographical Sources ConsultedFasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae, p. 8.
Other NoteLicensed by the Presbytery of Ayr on 11th September 1695. He married three times: first in 1698 to Elizabeth Skirvine, with who he had children: George, Helen, Robert; secondly to Elizabeth Ramsay, with whom he had more children, David, William, Elizabeth, Margaret, Marion, Susannah; and 3rdly in 1751 to Agnes, one of the 24 children of Mungo Cambell provost of Ayr. He wrote a "New method of Teaching the Latin Tongue", Spiritual Pleadings and a religious drama.
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