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NameWilliam Rawley
Livedb. ca. 1588-03-25 - d. 1667-06-18 (old)
Linked Manuscriptsmanuscript owner - Commonplace book of William Rawley: MS 2086
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Associated PlacesAll Saints -- ParishSt Michael -- ParishCorpus Christi College -- Place of Study
Source of DataODNB (Article: 23184); ACAD (Venn) (ID: RWLY600W); Hannah Yip.
Biographical Sources ConsultedODNB (Article: 23184); ACAD (Venn) (ID: RWLY600W)
Other NoteThe exact birth date of William Rawley is unknown. In 1605, he graduated B.A. from Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, proceeding M.A. three years later. On 19 March 1610, he was elected fellow and tutor. A year later, he was ordained at Peterborough, and subsequently became rector of St Michael's, Bowthorpe, Norfolk on 10 December 1612. In 1615, he was awarded the degree of B.D.; following which, in 1620, he proceeded D.D. Rawley is perhaps best remembered today as chaplain and amanuensis to Sir Francis Bacon, as well as the translator and editor of several of his works. Owing to Bacon's influence, Rawley was instituted to the rectory of All Saints, Landbeach, in 1616. Entering Bacon's service in 1618, he remained faithful to him despite the Lord Chancellor's fall from grace in 1621. After Bacon's death, Rawley served as chaplain to Charles I, and subsequently as chaplain to Charles II. He died at Landbeach on 18 June 1667.
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