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NameTimothy Cruso
DenominationDissenter - Presbyterian
Livedb. 1657-07-27 - d. 1697-11-26 (old)
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Associated PlacesPoor Jewry Lane, Crutched Friars -- ParishNewington Green -- Place of StudySt Andrews University -- Place of StudyPinners' Hall -- Post
Source of DataJeanne Shami; Hannah Wood
Biographical Sources ConsultedODNB (Article: 6853)
Other NoteTimothy Cruso was born on 27 July 1647, probably the son of Timothy Cruso and his wife Sarah Hatt. He entered Charles Morton’s academy at Newington Green when it opened in 1675, proceeding after to a Scottish university (likely St Andrews, as his name is absent from the rolls of Aberdeen, Edinburgh, and Glasgow). He became minister to the presbyterian congregation meeting at Crutched Friars, Mark Lane, London in 1687. Cruso was chosen to fill one of the lectureship vacancies at Pinners’ Hall when Daniel Williams was voted out and other ministers resigned in 1694. He published two funeral sermons in 1688, as well as two sermons in 1689 that showed his support for the Williamite regime. His most renowned work was a volume of sermons that he had preached at Pinners’ Hall; the first edition was published in 1697 and an edition edited by Matthew Meade was published in 1699. Known to be an inspirational preacher, Cruso’s dedication and zeal for work might have contributed to his death at the age of 40. He died on 26 November 1697 and was buried in Stepney churchyard.
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