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NameJohn Sheffield (Sheffeild)
DenominationDissenter - Presbyterian
Livedb. - d. ca. 1680-08-01 (new)
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Associated PlacesCareby -- ParishSt Swithin London Stone -- ParishTonbridge -- ParishPeterhouse -- Place of StudyFelmersham -- Post
Source of DataJeanne Shami; Hannah Wood
Biographical Sources ConsultedODNB (Article: 25296)
Other NoteJohn Sheffield (or Sheffeild, the name under which he published his books) of Northamptonshire matriculated from Peterhouse, Cambridge in 1618; he graduated B.A. in 1622 and proceeded M.A. in 1625. He was ordained as a deacon in 1622 and became curate of Felmersham, Beds. the following year, although he was not ordained as a priest until 1628. He was made rector of Careby, Lincolnshire in 1629, and likely married his first wife Elizabeth shortly after; they had at least three children together — John, Katherine, and Stephen. Sheffield likely took up the ministry of Tonbridge, Kent some time around 1643, although he does not appear in records there until 1647. In November 1647 he moved to St Swithin London Stone, London, where he served as minister and later rector (1657). A presbyterian, Sheffield was a signatory of “A Vindication of the Ministers of the Gospel,” which denounced the proceedings against Charles I; he also published at least three works, “A Good Conscience the Strongest Hold” (1650), “The Rising Sun, or, The Sun of Righteousness” (1654), and “The Sinfulness of Evil Thoughts” (1659). He served as assistant to the London commission for scandalous ministers, and was appointed a commissioner for the approbation of ministers in 1660. Later that year, Sheffield was ejected from St Swithin when its sequestered minister returned. He settled at Enfield, taking the Oxford oath in 1666. He was granted a license to teach at his own house and two others in 1672. He died in 1680 and was buried in Enfield, survived by his second wife Barbara (d.1684). In addition to his aforementioned children, he had two more sons, Timothy and Nathaniel, whose mother may have been Elizabeth or Barbara.
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