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NameJohn Kettlewell
DenominationChurch of England – nonjuror
Livedb. 1653-03-10 - d. 1695-04-12 (old)
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Associated PlacesColeshill -- ParishLincoln College -- Place of StudySt Edmund Hall -- Place of Study
Source of DataHannah Wood
Biographical Sources ConsultedODNB (Article: 15491); AO (Foster)
Other NoteJohn Kettlewell was born in Brompton, North Riding of Yorkshire, to the merchant John Kettlewell and his wife Elizabeth. Educated at Northallerton school, Kettlewell graduated B.A. from St. Edmund Hall, Oxford, in 1674. He was elected fellow of Lincoln College in 1675, proceeded M.A. and was ordained deacon in 1677, and was ordained as a priest the following year. Kettlewell's "The Measures of Christian Obedience," written 1677-8 and published in 1681, brought him some renown and attracted the interest of Anne Russell, Countess of Bedford; as a result, Kettlewell became the Russell family chaplain and was appointed vicar of Coleshill, Warwickshire in 1682 by Simon Digby, a connection of the countess's. Kettlewell resigned his Lincoln fellowship in 1683 to focus on pastoral care in his parish, where he facilitated the founding of charities, donated bibles to poor families, and made a reputation for himself as an effective preacher. Kettlewell continued to write through the 1680s, publishing several sermons and works of Christian doctrine including the popular "The Practical Believer" (1688), which went through six editions and a Welsh translation. Kettlewell's career changed course in 1688 when he refused to swear oaths to William and Mary. He lost his vicarage in 1690 and moved to London, where he authored numerous tracts and soon became a leading nonjuring writer. In addition to his controversialist writings, some of which were published anonymously, Kettlewell also penned several influential devotional works such as "A Companion for the Penitent, and Persons Troubled in Mind" (1694). Despite his status as a nonjuror Kettlewell lived a fairly untroubled life, avoiding persecution by the government and enjoying financial security through inheritance. He passed away on 12 April 1695 in London and was buried at the church of All Hallows Barking, survived by his wife Jane.
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