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NameThomas Jessop
Livedb. ca. 1629-01-01 - d. 1679-01-01 (old)
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Associated PlacesClare College -- Place of StudyCorpus Christi College -- Place of StudyPeterhouse -- Place of StudyCoggeshall -- PostLittle Gransden -- Post
Source of DataCatherine Evans
Biographical Sources ConsultedBook Owners Online; H. Smith, Ecclesiastical History of Essex, p. 224, 411; CCEd (Person ID: 16945); ACAD (Venn) ID: JSP639T
Other NoteFather of Mary Jessop (GEMMS person ID: 3616), according to Bufton's notes. Book Owners Online notes that he was born in London, the son of another Thomas Jessop, gained his BA from Peterhouse in 1647, and was then rector of Little Gransden from 1656 and Vicar of Coggeshall from 1662. His library was auctioned in London in 1681, as part of a join sale with the books of Thomas Castell, see Catalogus variorum librorum ... Thom. Jessop, [London], 1681, ESTC r179084. There is no Venn entry for this Thomas Jessop. However, CCEd and Venn state that the Thomas Jessop who held a post at Little Gransden matriculated at Corpus Christi in 1639, and then migrated to Clare in 1639, and was from Bedfordshire. Smith only mentions Jessop as holding a post at Coggeshall. It may be that two individuals with the same name have been erroneously combined in some sources.
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