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NameJohn Sams (Sammes, Samms)
Livedb. - d. ca. 1672-12-16 (new)
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Linked SermonsRemoving the Righteous by [ ] -- subject of sermon (autograph: no)
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Associated PlacesNew England -- HomeCoggeshall -- PostKelvedon -- Post
Source of DataCatherine Evans
Biographical Sources ConsultedH. Smith, The Ecclesiastical History of Essex: Under the Long Parliament and Commonwealth (1900), p. 391; ODNB for Robert Gouge (11130)
Other NoteSubject of funeral sermon 23675. From New England, he had a post in Kelvedon from October 1647. He was still there in 1650, but from February 1651-2 he was probably an iterant minister prior to being approved by the Assembly. He held a post at Coggeshall by 1654, and was apparently ejected in 1662. He was licensed again to preach at Coggeshall, and became pastor of a congregationalist church that met in a licensed house. He died in December 1672 and was buried in Coggeshall.
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