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NameThomas Reynolds
DenominationDissenter - Presbyterian
Livedb. ca. 1667-03-25 - d. 1727-08-27 (old)
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Source of DataJeanne Shami; Hannah Wood
Biographical Sources ConsultedODNB (Article: 23440)
Other NoteThomas Reynolds was born in London c.1667, perhaps the son of Thomas Reynolds. He entered Charles Morton’s academy at Stoke Newington Green in 1683; when the academy dissolved in 1685, Reynolds went to Geneva and later Utrecht to study. He returned to London in 1689 and began preaching the Sunday evening lecture at Stephen Lobb’s meeting in New Street, Fetter Lane. He became assistant to John Howe at Silver Street, and was ordained in the first public ordination of nonconformist ministers in London in 1694. He took over the ministry of the Presbyterian congregation in Great Eastcheap in 1695; the congregation build a new meeting-house over the King’s Weigh House in Little Eastcheap in 1697. He was elected manager of the Presbyterian Fund the same year. In 1715 he became one of the Tuesday morning merchant lecturers at Salters’ Hall. During the Salters’ Hall debate in 1719, Reynolds demanded subscription to a declaration in favour of the Trinity. He published a number of sermons between 1700 and 1722, and was well-known for his charitable endeavours. He married and had at least one son. Reynolds died on 25 August 1727 in London.
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