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NameSamuel Reve (Reeve?)
Livedb. - d. (old)
Linked Manuscriptsmanuscript owner - Commonplace book of Samuel Reve: MS I.f.21
Linked SermonsEx Tho. Sauage's Funerall Sermon -- notetaker (autograph: no)Sermon on Hebrews 3:12 -- notetaker (autograph: no)
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Associated Places
Source of DataAnne James; David Robinson
Biographical Sources ConsultedAO (Foster)
Other NoteReve (possibly Reeve), fl. 1685-1688, is the author of a commonplace book (Congregational Library MS I.f.21) that includes notes on 3 sermons. There appears to be only one Samuel Reeve in GEMMS biographical sources whose career dates match the dates of the associated sermons. This Samuel Reeve was was rector of Aston, Hertfordshire until his death in October 1700 (CCEd ID: 101480). However, given that a couple of the sermons were preached by dissenters, he may not be the same person.
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