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Name Goad
Livedb. - d. (old)
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Linked SermonsSermon on 2 Timothy 2:15 -- preacher (autograph: no)Sermon on Hebrews 10:22-23 -- preacher (autograph: no)Sermon on Leviticus 10:1-2 -- preacher (autograph: no)
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Source of DataRichard Snoddy; David Robinson
Biographical Sources ConsultedACAD (Venn); ODNB (Articles: 10848, 10847)
Other NoteThe associated sermons identify a Mr. Goad of King's College, Cambridge. They were preached between 1633 and 1635, but without a first name it is difficult to identify a preacher with certainty. This is because all six of King's College provost Roger Goad's sons were Cambridge alumni, in addition to some of their cousins. Some likely candidates listed in ACAD are Christopher, (ID: GT613C), Francis (ID: GT616F), George (ID: GT623G). George remained at Cambridge the longest, and was a fellow at the time these sermons were preached, so he may be the most likely candidate.
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