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NameJohn Shower
DenominationDissenter - Presbyterian
Livedb. 1657-03-25 - d. ca. 1715-03-25 (old)
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Associated PlacesExchange Alley -- PostOld Jewry -- PostPresbyterian Church of England -- PostSalters' Hall -- PostTothill Street -- PostUtrecht -- Post
Source of DataJennifer Farooq and Jeanne Shami
Biographical Sources ConsultedODNB (Article: 25472)
Other NoteBaptized in the parish of St Kerrian, Exeter on 18 May 1657. His parents were Dorac Anthony and William Shower, a wealthy Exeter merchant. His father died while John was still a small child, but his mother encouraged his studies. In 1671, he entered Matthew Warren's academy in Otterford Somerset. Subsequently studied for ministry at Charles Morton's academy in Newington Green, Middelesex, and Edward Veal's academy in Wapping. Ordained in 1679, he became assistant to Vincent Alsop in Tothill Street, Westminster; one of seven preachers at a merchant's lecture in Exchange Alley. In 1681 he published his most popular work, An Exhortation to Youth to Prepare for Judgement. Resigned his post in 1683 to accompany Samuel Barnardiston, nephew of whig politician Sir Samuel Barnardiston on a tour of Europe. After retrurning to England in 1686, he briefly resumed preaching at Exchange Alley, before returning to the Netherlands to escape pressure on nonconformity. Assisted John Howe in Utrecht, married Elizabeth Falkener there, before taking a post as evening lecturer in the Presbyterian Church of England in Rotterdam from 1687-1690. Called to Silver Street London in 1691, then Curriers Hall, Cripplegate later that year. His wife died that year; remarried Constance White the following year, with whom he had several children. The Curriers' Hall congregation grew and was relocated to Jewin Street in 1692, and the Old Jewry in 1701. Tuesday lecturer at Salters Hall from 1697. Published many of his funeral sermons. He died on 28 June 1715.
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