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Name Jones
Livedb. - d. (old)
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Linked SermonsSermon 1 on Matthew 16:26 -- preacher (autograph: no)Sermon 1 on Romans 6:21 -- preacher (autograph: no)Sermon 2 on Romans 6:21 -- preacher (autograph: no)Sermon on Matthew 15:8 -- preacher (autograph: no)
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Source of DataJeanne Shami
Biographical Sources ConsultedUnable to identify in CCEd; possibility in ODNB
Other NoteImpossible to determine which Mr. Jones listed in CCEd is this man, a preacher whose sermons Joseph Keble heard and noted in 1669, probably at Gray's Inn Chapel. Perhaps he is "Thomas Jones" (d. 1682) listed in ODNB.
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