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Report TitleRemarkable Sentences of Severall Worthy Ministers as they were Delivered by them in their Preaching
Extentpp. 1-48, 53-67, 139-140
Composition Dateca. 1688 - 1715
Primary LanguageEnglish
Report Type(s)Commonplace Book
Bible Texts
Associated Peoplescribe? - Coles, Benjaminscribe? - Coles Jr., Benjamin
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DescriptionFor a full description of the contents of the MS, see DWL catalogue and entry for this manuscript record in this database. The list of preachers from which extracts are taken includes the following: Mr. Cole, Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Wells, Mr. Stackhurst, Mr. Mather, Mr. Traile, Mr. Williams, Mr. Phrasier, Mr. Meade, Mr. Terry, Mr. Oakes, Mr. Allsopp, Mr. Haiter, Dr. Bates, Mr. How, Mr. Sikes, Mr. Griffith, Mr. Masters, Mr. Glascott, Mr. Hobson, Mr. Lorrimer, Mr. Cokain, Mr. Nesbit, Mr. Galpin, Mr. Timothy Rogers, Mr. Cruttenden, Mr. Matthew Henry, Mr. Billingsby, Mr. Newman, Mr. Rosewell, Mr. Brookes, Mr. Tayler Rich, Mr. Wattson, Mr. Neal, Mr. Reed, Mr. Earl, Mr. Dent, Mr. Monkby, Mr. Collins, Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Bragg, Mr. Wilcox, etc. Towards the end, these extracts are a single line, but in the earlier part of the manuscript, presumably in the part associated with Benjamin Coles, Sr., the extracts are lengthier. Only occasionally, the preacher's location and/or the biblical text are noted.
Source of DataJeanne Shami
Other NoteThe extracts are in two hands, presumably those of the father and son (Coles and Coles, Jr.). Coles, Jr. does not distinguish between extracts taken from preachers and those taken from St. Bernard, Victor Hugo, John Flavel, St. Ambrose and other sources.
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