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Sermon TitleSermon on Proverbs 15:15 (descriptive title)
Extentf. 72v
Composition Dateca. 1600 - 1640
Primary LanguageLatin
Text TypePreacher's Notes
Sermon Type(s)
Associated Peoplepreacher - Cooper, Thomas
Associated Sermons
Preachingsca. 1600-10-02 - 1640-10-02 (old) - St Edmund the King, Lombard Street - Occasion not identified; Preacher's name is illegible. Appears to be dated "Oct. 2," although the writing is very difficult to make out; no year is given. St. Edmund's likely refers to the Church of St Edmund, King and Martyr in London, although there is no way to confirm.
Additional Material
Print Editions / Witnesses
DescriptionText in English, notes in Latin. The scrawled name of the underlined bible book uses unusual letter forms, which make it hard to decipher: while Proverbs is likely, it may be another text.
Source of DataJeanne Shami
Other NoteIt is difficult to determine where one outline/set of notes ends and the next begins; therefore, the page extent (particularly its end point) should be viewed as approximate.
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