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Sermon TitleSermons on 1 Corinthians 11:23-29 (descriptive title)
In ManuscriptSermons : MS I.f.19
Extentpp. 128-189, pp. 334-419
Composition Dateca. 1606 - 1634
Primary LanguageEnglish
Text TypeSermon
Sermon Type(s)
Associated Peoplepreacher? - Jackson, Jr., John
Associated Sermons
Preachings (old) - England - Occasion not identified;
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DescriptionThis sermon, or more likely series of sermons developed into a treatise, occupies two large sections of the second part of this manuscript. On p. 182 is the date "July 1," and on p. 364 is "January" (?) in the top header. It is likely that these dates mark rough divisions of the sermon series into sections, but there is no indication on either of these pages as to where the divisions might be, or what else the dates might signify. No year is ascribed to this material.
Source of DataJeanne Shami
Other NotePrecise date and location unknown. Preacher uncertain.
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