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Sermon TitleSermon 1 on 2 Timothy 2:19 (descriptive title)
Extentunfoliated and unpaginated
Composition Date -
Primary LanguageEnglish
Text TypeAuditor's Notes
Sermon Type(s)
Associated Peoplenotetaker - Powys, Thomaspreacher - Tillotson (Tillison), John
Associated Sermons
Preachingsca. 1660-07-30 - 1662-03-24 (old) - England - Occasion not identified;
Additional Material
Print Editions / WitnessesA sermon by Tillotson on 2 Timothy 2:19 is printed in John Tillotson, Sermons Preach'd upon Several Occasions (London, 1671), pp. 241-269. This could be any of the three sermons on this text on which Powys has taken notes in this volume. The same sermon was printed as Sermon VII in The Works of the Most Reverend Dr. John Tillotson, Late Lord Archbishop of Canterbury (London, 1696), pp. 80-89, and many later editions. It was also abridged for D. Henry, ed., Twenty Discourses (Nineteen of Them Archbp. Tillotson's) on the Most Important Subjects: Carefully Abridged, and Adapted to the Meanest Capacities, With a View to Their Being Dispersed By Those Who are Charitably Inclined (London, 1743), pp. 61-73.
Source of DataJeanne Shami
Other NoteLocation and date unknown. The sermon was likely preached in London, perhaps at Lincoln's Inn, where Powys studied and where he was later a Bencher. It was likely preached after July 29, 1660, the first dated sermon in the notebook.
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