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Sermon TitleSermons on Haggai 1:7 (descriptive title)
Extentff. 1-124
Composition Date -
Primary LanguageEnglish
Text TypeSermon
Sermon Type(s)AnniversaryPolitical occasion
Bible TextsHaggai 1:7 - 1: 7
Associated Peoplenotetaker - Hartopp, Johnpreacher? - Cox (Coxe), Benjamin
Associated Sermons
Preachings1660-04-22 (old) - England - Occasion not identified; 1660-04-29 (old) - England - Occasion not identified; 1660-05-20 (old) - England - Occasion not identified; 1660-06-10 (old) - England - Occasion not identified; 1660-07-01 (old) - England - Occasion not identified; 1660-07-22 (old) - England - Occasion not identified; 1660-08-05 (old) - England - Anniversary of the Gowry conspiracy;
Additional MaterialFollowing the end of the seventh sermon, Hartopp has written and signed the following: "This Is the substance of Seauen Sermons, preached by Mr. Cox in the yeare 1660 vpon these following Days. Vizt. Aprill.22. & 29. May 20. June 10. July. i &22. August 5. tane in short-hand."
Print Editions / Witnesses
DescriptionThese pages comprise the contents of seven sermons noted by John Hartopp and preached by Mr. Cox, likely Benjamin Cox. It is impossible to tell where one sermon ends and another begins, and so GEMMS includes all seven sermons in one record. These sermons were heard and noted by Hartopp in shorthand before being written out in full here.
Source of DataJeanne Shami
Other NotePrecise location of these sermons unknown. Preacher uncertain.
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