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TitleAnonymous reader's notes of various printed texts
ShelfmarkHarley MS 6534
Creation Dateca. 1633 - 1633
RepositoryBritish Library
Contents NoteA quarto containing notes taken from various seventeenth-century printed texts, from devotional works to the essays of Francis Bacon, written in a single secretary hand. Notes have also been taken from the printed sermons of Henry Smith; owing to the order in which they have been written and the page numbers indicated in the margins, it is likely that the reader used the 1604 edition of his collected sermons for the sermons on ff. 27r-90r.
Material Features157 leaves. Quarto. Modern half crushed morocco on cloth boards gilt.
Associated Peoplemanuscript owner - Harley, Robertmanuscript owner? - Elliston,
Provenance'Mr Elliston of St Albans' may have been the scribe for British Library, Harley MSS 6534-6536. See A Catalogue of the Harleian Manuscripts, in the British Museum (1808), Vol. III, p. 374.
AcquisitionThe Harleian Library was founded by Robert Harley, First Earl of Oxford (1661-1724). According to Cyril Ernest Wright, Robert Harley 'was primarily interested in English historical and political material and in volumes of sermons and theological controversy, sharing in the latter the taste of his Harley ancestors'. See Wright, p. xxxiv.
Source of DataA Catalogue of the Harleian Manuscripts, in the British Museum (1808), Vol. III, pp. 373-74; CELM; Cyril Ernest Wright, Fontes Harleiani (London, 1972); Hannah Yip.
Other NoteIt is conjectured in A Catalogue of the Harleian Manuscripts that these notes were compiled c. 1633. A note on f. 86r reads as follows: 'Begun heere the 2d of Julye 1633'.
Sermons ContainedThe Lyfe and Death of Jesus Christ -- f. 8vLots Wife, Preached at Paules Crosse -- f. 8vGod and the King -- ff. 9r-9vThe Conuerts Happines -- ff. 26r-26vA Sermon preached at Yorke agaynst Popish Transubstantiatyon -- f. 26vA Preparatiue to Marriage -- ff. 27r-32vA Treatise of the Lords Supper -- ff. 32v-36rThe Second Sermon vpon the Lords Supper -- ff. 36r-39vThe Examination, or the First Sermon on Vsurie -- ff. 39v-41rThe Second Sermon vpon Vsurie -- ff. 41r-41vThe Christians Sacrifice -- ff. 41v-42vThe True Triall of the Spirits -- ff. 43r-44vThe Wedding Garment -- ff. 44v-45vThe Way to Walke in -- ff. 45v-46vThe Pride of King Nebuchadnezzer -- ff. 46v-47vThe Fall of King Nebuchadnezzar -- ff. 47v-48rThe Restitution of Nebuchadnezzer -- ff. 48r-48vThe Honour of Humilitie -- ff. 48v-50vThe Young Mans Taske -- ff. 51r-53vThe Triall of the Righteous -- ff. 53r-54vThe Christians Practice -- ff. 54v-55rThe Pilgrims Wish -- ff. 55r-57rThe Godly Mans Request -- ff. 57r-58vA Glasse For Drunkards -- ff. 59r-59vThe Art of Hearing: The First Sermon -- ff. 59v-60vThe Second Sermon -- ff. 60v-61rThe Heauenly Thirst -- ff. 61r-61vThe Magistrates Scripture -- ff. 62r-62vThe Triall of Vanitie -- ff. 62v-63vThe Ladder of Peace -- ff. 63v-65vThe Betraying of Christ -- ff. 65v-66vThe Petition of Moses to God -- ff. 66v-67rThe Dialogue Betweene Paul. And King Agrippa -- ff. 67r-68vThe Humilitie of Paul -- ff. 68v-69vA Looking Glasse for Christians -- ff. 69v-71rFoode for New Borne Babes -- ff. 71r-72vThe Banquet of Jobs Children -- ff. 72v-73vSatan Compassing The Earth -- ff. 73v-74rA Caueat For Christians -- ff. 74r-76rThe Poore Mans Teares -- ff. 76r-76vAn Alarum from Heauen -- ff. 76v-77rA Memento For Magistrates -- f. 77rJacobs Ladder. or The Way to Heaue[n] -- ff. 77v-79rThe Lawyers Question -- ff. 79r-79vThe Law-Giuers Answere to The Lawyers Question -- ff. 79v-80rThe Censure of Christ vpon The Answere -- ff. 80r-80vGods Arrow against Atheists -- ff. 80v-90rThe Sinners Conuersion -- f. 90vThe Sinners Confession -- f. 90vThe Sweet Song of old Father Simeon -- ff. 90v-91rThe Calling of Jonah -- ff. 91r-91vThe Rebellion of Jonah -- f. 91vThe Punishment of Jonah -- ff. 91v-92vThe Second Sermon of Jonahs punishmt -- ff. 92r-92vThe Trumpet of The Soule sounding to Judgmt -- f. 92vThe Sinfull Mans Search -- ff. 92v-93vMaries Choyce -- ff. 93v-94rNoahs Drunkennesse -- ff. 94r-95vA Stil Voyce by Willyam Loe DD -- ff. 106r-107rSermon at Lent Assises -- ff. 146v-148vA Sermon preached at the Funerall of Mr Bolton -- ff. 149r-150v
Sermon Reports Contained
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