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Manuscripts Housed222.e.5.(9) The Indispensable Necessity of the Knowledge of the Holy A Sermon at Paules Crosse479.e.6.(3.) A Sermon Preachd at ye funerall of yt worthy knightAdd MS 10600 Twelve Sermons by Matthew MeadAdd MS 10601 Five Sermons by Matthew MeadAdd MS 12515 Volume of Miscellaneous MaterialsAdd MS 14900 Llyf Byrr LlangadwaladrAdd MS 18774 Diary of the Rev. John HopkinsAdd MS 18777 Journals of proceedings in the House of Commons, and of public events in England, Vol. I.Add MS 18781 Sermon Notes of Walter Yonge (the younger) taken in London, Vol. IAdd MS 18782 Sermon Notes of Walter Yonge (the younger) taken in London, Vol. IIAdd MS 19204 Sermons by the Rev. Anthony PitchesAdd MS 19205 Reflections by a dissenter on the form of worship practised by the Church of England; Corrected drafts of sermonsAdd MS 19691 Notes of University Sermons taken by Ashburn [Ashburnham?] at CambridgeAdd MS 20065 Sermons by Robert SkinnerAdd MS 20066 Texts for sermons arranged according to occasions they were designed for, and in order of the books of ScriptureAdd MS 21970 Commentary on St Paul's Second Epistle to the Corinthians; and a Sermon on Mark 16:17-18Add MS 22180 Sermons by Various PreachersAdd MS 22490 Diary of MarriotAdd MS 22581 Sermon on Isaiah 41:25Add MS 23228 Papers of the Conway familyAdd MS 24629 Sermon by Philip HenryAdd MS 25037 Sermons and Meditations by Richard SibbesAdd MS 25427 The Substance of Seventy Seven Sermons, on Several Subjects, Preached by the Reverend and Laborious Divine Mr George Gifford, late Minister of Saint Dunstan in the East, London, as the same were taken from his mouth in shorthand and since transcribedAdd MS 27382 Historical and Other TractsAdd MS 28022 Sermons on Psalms 51, Matthew 22, and Other TextsAdd MS 28718 Funeral Sermons and Short SpeechesAdd MS 28719 SermonsAdd MS 28745 Commonplace Book of Francis WilcoxAdd MS 29769 Two sermons on Early RepentanceAdd MS 30304 Sermons of William JoleAdd MS 32502 Miscellaneous papers, including a few business letters, of the family of NorthAdd MS 33498 Papers mainly belonging to William ColeAdd MS 34239 Memorials of the Rodney Family of Stoke Rodney, SomersetAdd MS 34312 Fragment of a sermon by John DolbenAdd MS 34395 Letter-Books and Miscellanies of Members of the Family of Williams al. Cromwell, of co. Huntingdon; 16th-17th cent. Vol II. Add MS 34692 Sermon by Thomas Lenthall (1642)Add MS 37719 Commonplace Book of Sir John Gibson Add MS 39306 Berkeley Papers, Vol. IIIAdd MS 39940 Notes from Sermons by Independent and Presbyterian Divines, Vol. IAdd MS 39941 Notes from Sermons by Independent and Presbyterian Divines, Vol. IIAdd MS 39942 Notes from Sermons by Independent and Presbyterian Divines, Vol. IIIAdd MS 40160 Commonplace book of William Lloyd, Bishop of NorwichAdd MS 40727 Papers of William LaneAdd MS 41499 Sir Henry Lee's Devices: Speeches, poems etc. from entertainments presented to Queen Elizabeth IAdd MS 41567 B Miscellaneous Papers Relating Mainly to NonconformityAdd MS 4158 State Papers of John ThurloeAdd MS 4224 Birch's Biographical Collection, Vol. IVAdd MS 4254 Literary Papers and Correspondence of Thomas Birch, Vol. IIAdd MS 4255 Literary papers and correspondence of Thomas Birch, Vol. IIIAdd MS 4275 Thoresby Papers, Vol. IIAdd MS 42849 Papers, mainly of Philip Henry, his family and descendantsAdd MS 4332 B Sermons written and preached by Thomas Birch, at various places and times, Vol. VIIAdd MS 4333 Miscellaneous SermonsAdd MS 4334 Sermons of John PellAdd MS 43410 Commonplace book of Charles CaesarAdd MS 4346 Sermons and Notes for SermonsAdd MS 4347 Brasenose College SermonsAdd MS 4348 Sermons and Notes of Robert SampsonAdd MS 4349 Twelve Sermons on the Lord's PrayerAdd MS 4357 Advice to a Young Man, on leaving Oxford University to reside in LondonAdd MS 43785 Sermons by Congregationalist PreachersAdd MS 44056 Notes for a Sermon by Philip HenryAdd MS 4454 Book MAdd MS 4455 Commonplace Book of John BennetAdd MS 4459 Birch's Miscellaneous Papers, Vol. IIAdd MS 4474 Miscellaneous FragmentsAdd MS 45525 Sermons, in Latin, for Pentecost and the Following Twelve Sundays by an Irish PriestAdd MS 45538 Henry Papers. Vol. VAdd MS 45671 Hall Papers, Vol. III - Notes of Sermons by Various Preachers in Kipping, YorkshireAdd MS 45672 Hall Papers, Vol. IV - Notes on Sermons Add MS 45673 Hall Papers, Vol. V - Notes on SermonsAdd MS 45674 Hall Papers, Vol. VI - Notes of SermonsAdd MS 45675 Hall Papers, Vol. VII - Notes on SermonsAdd MS 45676 Hall Papers, Vol. VIII - Notes on SermonsAdd MS 45971 Heywood Papers, Vol. IX - Sermons preached at PontefractAdd MS 45974 Heywood Papers Vol. XIIAdd MS 45981 Vol. XIX Twelve sermons preached by nonconformists in YorkshireAdd MS 47131 Egmont Papers, Vol. CCXIIAdd MS 47618 Notebook of Autograph Sermons by Thomas BedfordAdd MS 48016 Notes on Sermons, Probably by Sir Henry YelvertonAdd MS 48064 Papers of Robert Beale relating to Elizabethan religious mattersAdd MS 48117 Papers Relating to the Church of ScotlandAdd MS 4927 Thoresby Papers, Vol. II: Miscellany of Christopher CartwrightAdd MS 4929 Thoresby Papers, Vol. 4Add MS 51054 Nonconformist SermonsAdd MS 53728 Lectures. Uppon perticular Occasions By a father to his familyAdd MS 54185 Sermon notes taken by Joshua SagerAdd MS 5960 Tracts relating to the University of CambridgeAdd MS 60577 The Winchester AnthologyAdd MS 61364 Blenheim Papers vol. CCLXIVAdd MS 61365 Blenheim Papers, Vol. CCLXVAdd MS 61700 D Blenheim Papers, Vol. DC. D 'A Sermon on the Fast. . .'Add MS 6460 A Collection of Lectures and Sermons by Dr. Edward ChandlerAdd MS 70003 Correspondence and Papers of Sir Robert Harley, MP, Vol. IIIAdd MS 70636 Speeches in Parliament: with miscellaneous versesAdd MS 75500 Shorthand Sermon Notes by Stephen MonteageAdd MS 75511 Papers of Stephen Monteage (1681-1754) and his familyAdd MS 78364 Ta ton Omilion Peripsemata tina, or a breife Account of divers Sermons recollected at my after RetirementAdd MS 78391 Devotions of Mrs BlaggsAdd MS 78422 Notes of Afternoon Sermons by Peter Gunning Taken by Dr. Gasper Needham in 1659Add MS 78440 Correspondence and papers of and relating to Mary EvelynAdd MS 78541 A-G Evelyn Papers. Vol. CCCLXXIV A-G. Sermons and Sermon Notes by Ralph BohunAdd MS 78542 A-H Evelyn Papers. Vol. CCCLXXV A-H. Unbound sermon notes by BohunAdd MS 85406 Notebook of John PowellAdd MS 85461 Anonymous book of sermonsAdd MS 85464 Books of sermons inscribed by Jacob BadgerAdd MS 85472 Anonymous book of sermonsAdd MS 88944 Notes of Sermons by Various Preachers Copied by Thomas CoxBritish Library Sloane MS 1387 Short sermons or expositions in FrenchBurney MS 367 Letters and tractsC.175.i.16. Two funeral sermons preached in 1682 and 1684Cotton MS Caligula A XVII Sermon on the murder of Elizabeth DorrocottCotton MS Vespasian A XXV Two sixteenth-century sermonsEgerton MS 1043 A SWEETE SAVOR, FOR WOMANEgerton MS 2215 Commonplace book containing sermons of two Scottish presbyterian preachersEgerton MS 2560 Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Verse and Prose PiecesEgerton MS 2877 Commonplace Book of Gilbert FrevileEgerton MS 2982 Miscellaneous Papers of the Heath and Verney Families (vol. 5)Egerton MS 3884 The Melford Hall ManuscriptHarley MS 1026 Miscellany and Memorandum Book of Justinian PagittHarley MS 1198 The Some of Certaine Sermons preached by mr Obadiah SedgwickeHarley MS 1209 SermonsHarley MS 161 Tracts and papersHarley MS 1625 TractsHarley MS 1753 Notes of sermons by Edmund CalamyHarley MS 1784 Four Sermons Preached by Mr MatherHarley MS 2103 Tracts and papers bound up by Randle Holme IIIHarley MS 2314 Edward Beaver’s commonplace bookHarley MS 280 Miscellanous tractsHarley MS 291 State papers and tractsHarley MS 339 Papers of Sir Simonds D'EwesHarley MS 3520 B Four tractsHarley MS 364 Theological and miscellaneous tracts and papersHarley MS 3790 Miscellaneous ecclesiastical papersHarley MS 3791 Parliamentary speeches and miscellaneous lettersHarley MS 390 Newsletters on public matters from Joseph Mede to Sir Martin StutevilleHarley MS 416 Papers of John Foxe and his descendantsHarley MS 478 The Journal of John MoreHarley MS 479 The Journal of John MoreHarley MS 486 Miscellaneous papersHarley MS 5068 Sermons by John WorkmanHarley MS 5258 Dauids tearesHarley MS 5353 The Diary of John ManninghamHarley MS 6028 Abstracts of sermons compiled by Anne HarcourtHarley MS 6208 Theological worksHarley MS 6356 Miscellaneous tractsHarley MS 6472 Notebook of grammatical and other itemsHarley MS 6534 Anonymous reader's notes of various printed textsHarley MS 6535 Sermon notesHarley MS 6536 Sermon notesHarley MS 6538 A collection of funeral sermons, c. 1630-1641Harley MS 6539 A collection of miscellaneous religious worksHarley MS 6559 Sermons by Samuel ParkerHarley MS 6568 Funerall Sermons collected p[er] H THarley MS 6572 French sermonsHarley MS 6607 A Godly Profitable collection of Divers Sentences out of Holy ScriptureHarley MS 6814 Theological worksHarley MS 6828 Miscellaneous tractsHarley MS 6898 Miscellaneous theological tractsHarley MS 6931 Miscellaneous poemsHarley MS 6946 Five sermons by John DonneHarley MS 6991 Letters of the Duke of Norfolk and the Earl of Leicester, etc.Harley MS 7033 Academic papersHarley MS 7517 Two biographiesHarley MS 976 Collections from Sev[er]all SermonsHarley MS 977 Theological miscellanyLansdowne MS 110 Burghley PapersLansdowne MS 122 Burghley Papers Volume in QuartoLansdowne MS 17 Burghley PapersLansdowne MS 213 Miscellany of State Tracts and PapersLansdowne MS 23 Burghley PapersLansdowne MS 356 A Volume of SermonsLansdowne MS 377 MiscellaneaLansdowne MS 72 Burghley PapersLansdowne MS 770 Revd Wm Petty's Papers, Vol. XII. 1613 &c.MS Royal 17.B.XX John Donne's 1622 Gunpowder Plot SermonMS Sloane 4023 Extracts from printed theological and natural philosophical textsRoyal MS 18.A.LII Sermon Addressed to Prince CharlesRoyal MS 18.A.XXIX Sermon on 'The Oath of Allegiance [1606]'Royal MS 18.B.XX Sermon by Hugh Latimer at WestminsterRP 5650 Sermons of Isaac WattsSloane MS 1134 Notebook containing medical recipes and sermon notesSloane MS 1199 Notes on Amos and Part of a Funeral Sermon along with other textsSloane MS 1460 Sermon by Hugh LatimerSloane MS 1470 Manuscript SermonsSloane MS 1479 Miscellaneous CollectionSloane MS 1487 Miscellaneous Collection Sloane MS 1510 Miscellaneous manuscriptSloane MS 1581 Sermon Fragment on Romans 8:35Sloane MS 1926 Miscellaneous TractsSloane MS 2172 Manuscript MiscellanySloane MS 2221 Heads of SermonsSloane MS 250 Miscellaneous medical materials with auditors' notes of sermonsSloane MS 2569 A Sermon from Mount Olivet by Thomas BromleySloane MS 271 Papers relating to the Puritans, with sermons and family memoranda: 1551-1616/7Sloane MS 2788 Miscellaneous manuscriptSloane MS 2903 Miscellaneous manuscriptSloane MS 2987 Historical notes of the 16th and 17th centuries extracted from various authorsSloane MS 3109 Funeral Sermon on John PlampinSloane MS 3345 Commonplace book of Robert HodgesSloane MS 3680 Sermons by Dr John Owen, Mr Perrott, and OthersSloane MS 385 Commonplace Book, 1618-1642Sloane MS 3989 Notes for sermons and medical recipesSloane MS 3993 Sermons and a Theological TreatiseSloane MS 578 William Haydocke's Sermons and NotesSloane MS 598 Notes of sermons heard by Dr. FooteSloane MS 629 Miscellaneous Papers including Sermons Transcribed by Daniel FooteStowe MS 159 A collection of miscellaneous political and other tracts Stowe MS 305 Political Tracts and Poems from the Reigns of Charles II to AnneStowe MS 45 Two Sermons on Prayer and the SacramentsStowe MS 585 A collection of miscellaneous transcriptions
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