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TitleNewbattle Collection, 17th Century Sermons
ShelfmarkMS 5770
Creation Dateca. 1688 - 1690
Contents NoteA collection of 34 seventeenth century sermons, the majority preached by various ministers "at the Communion at the West Port Oct[ober] 1688" . There are a number of prefaces to the sermons, pp. 1 - 2 "at the Communion at the West Port, October 7th 1688 by Mr Robert Rule, upon the Saturnday [sic], a Preface'; pp. 24 – 26 “By Mr William Arskine upon the Saturnday [sic] A Preface"; "Exhortations by David W[illia]msone at the First Table", pp. 67 – 69; "The 2nd Table By Mr David Williamsone", pp. 69 – 72; "The 3d Table By Mr Robert Rule", pp. 73 – 6; "The 4th table by Mr Robert rule", pp. 76 – 79; "The 5th Table By Mr William Arskine", pp. 79 – 82; "The 6th Table by Mr William Arskine", pp. 83 – 85; "The 7th table by Mr John Anderson", pp. 85 – 89; "The 8th table by Mr John Anderson", pp. 89 – 92; "The 9th table by Mr John Campbell", pp. 92 – 96; "The 10th Table by Mr Richard Huisone", pp. 96 – 100; "Christ for this end and purpose The 11th Table by Mr Richard Huison", pp. 101 – 104; "The 12th Table By Mr David Williamsone", pp. 104 – 108; "The 13th Table By Mr David Williamson", pp. 108 – 113; "By Mr David Williamsone closing the work at night", pp. 113 – 120; "By Mr William Arskine a Preface upon the Moonday", pp. 151 - 54; "By Mr Wm Arskine In Mary Chappell, a Preface", pp. 183 - 185; "By Mr William Arskine at his Afternoons Preface", pp. 206 - 212; "A Preface", pp. 227 - 229; "Afternoon's Preface", pp. 249 - 253.
Material FeaturesQuarto volume with leather binding. The pages were once edged in red or marbling, now largely faded. Every page has a vibrant red ink boarder, and the volume is written in one large, neat hand. The volume is very well presented, potentially intended for reading aloud as it as catchwords repeated on every page. Contemporary pagination.
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AcquisitionManuscripts from the Newbattle Abbey Library, on a wide variety of subjects mostly dating from 17th - 19th centuries.They include account-books, diaries, historical manuscripts, and medical and scientific manuscripts. Presented in 1950 by the special trustees of Newbattle Abbey and Park following the will of the 11th Marquees of Lothian.
Source of DataCatherine Evans
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