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PlaceNational Library of Scotland (archive) (repository), Edinburgh, Edinburghshire, Scotland, Europe
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Manuscripts HousedAcc. 7543 Sermons of William HamiltonAcc. 9270, Pt. 12 Notes of James StrahanAcc. 9270 Pt. 3 Sermons by Various Preachers Acc. 9270, Pt. 4 MS Sermons 1659Acc. 9270, Pt. 5 Papers of Alexander BissetAcc. 9270, Pt. 6 Volume of SermonsAcc. 9270, Pt. 7 MS Sermons 1670-71Acc. 9270, Pt. 8 Papers of Alexander BissetAcc. 9270, Pt. 9 MS Sermons 17th CenturyAdv. 15.2.20 Papers of Alexander BissetAdv. 17.2.3 Preacher’s Notes of Thomas ForresterAdv. 22.7.16 Papers of Alexander BissetAdv.MS.20.6.4 Sermons of Robert BaillieAdv.MS.34.5.19 Texts related to John Livingston and James FraserAdv.MS.5.2.10 Sixty-Nine Sermons by Presbyterians in 1660Dep. 190 Box 3 Box of Miscellaneous Materials including Auditor’s Sermon Notes taken by George GreigMS. 1038 Sermons preached mostly at KippingMS 10700 Commonplace Book including Sermons (1709) Papers of Alexander BissetMS. 134 Wodrow's Sermons (1703-1705)MS 15948 Notebooks of Steuart of Coltness Papers of Alexander BissetMS 15950 17th Century Letters of Samuel RutherfordMS 16448 Sermons of John Gray, 1688, 1674-5 Papers of Alexander BissetMS 16459 John Gray Sermons 1690-92MS 16462 John Gray Sermons 1694-5?MS 16468 John Gray Sermons in his own handMS 16474 Sermons of Andrew Macghie etc. 1647 Papers of Alexander BissetMS.1759 Sermon Notebook of Sir Hugh Campbell of CessnockMS. 1941 George Campell Sermons Papers of Alexander BissetMS.1942 Sermons on Exodus 20 at South-East Kirk, EdinburghMS 20483 Five Late Seventeenth Century SermonsMS 20484 Copy of a sermon by Thomas Jackson (probably Dean of Peterborough)MS 20485 Papers of Thomas Rattray, bishop of DunkeldMS 20496 Sermons and other papersMS 2075 Notes on Physics Lectures with a few sermon notes at the back of the volume Papers of Alexander BissetMS.2123 Struthers Papers: Sermons by James WodrowMS 2206 James Webster Papers of Alexander BissetMS.2751 Series of Sermons on the Signs of GraceMS 2752 Sermons copied by Stephen Ewens 1702-1706MS 2762 Sermons of John Campbell 1671, 1672MS 2781 Commonplace Book of the Reverend John Hunter MS 2788 Patrick Warner Sermons at IrvineMS 2792 Shorthand Sermons and NotesMS 2796 Sermons by G. Purefoy (mid-17th century)MS 2817 Sermons of William Hamilton, minister of GlassfordMS. 3010 Sermons of Thomas HogMS 3159 Miscellany including Parts of Two SermonsMS 3160 Heads and Summaries of Sermons Papers of Alexander BissetMS. 3469 Thirteen Sermons by Mr. John Livingston of AncrumMS. 3545 Sermons ascribed to George WishartMS. 3580 Sermons by Robert TrailMS 3808 Papers of Alexander BissetMS 498 Sermon by James Rowe, 1638 Papers of Alexander BissetMS 5166 Sermons of James CuninghameMS 5767 Sermons [The Lothian Manuscript]MS 5769 Newbattle Collection [17th century sermons]MS 5770 Newbattle Collection, 17th Century Sermons MS.6159 Notebook belonging to William Rankin, James Rankin, and, finally, to Gabriel Rankin of OrchardheadMS 6540 Sermons by James Fergusson (d. 1667) Papers of Alexander BissetMS 8483 Autograph Sermons of Hugh AndersonMS 9163 Eleven Sermons by an Unknown PreacherMS 9270, Pt. 2 Norman Leslie’s Sermons 1644-54MS 9270 Sermons of William Dunlop Papers of Alexander BissetMS. 92-93 Papers of Ralph ErskineMS. Wodr. MS IX Sermons of James Hamilton 1652Wodrow MSS. 4 Wodrow Sermons 17th and 18th centuries
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