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TitleDivers Sermons fit for the Edification of Gods People
ShelfmarkGB 247 MS Gen 384
Creation Dateca. 1632 - 1653
Contents NoteFront page details that the sermons were 'Preached at divers occasions by M Zachary Boyd preachre of Gods word at Glasgow.' Contains 43 sermons. pp.1191-1198 contains notes on 'The Maner of the Destruction and of the Restauration of the Towne and Temple of Jerusalem.'
Material FeaturesLarge volumes of parchment bound in leather. Delicate/broken spine and worn parchment but in largely good condition with very little writing obscured by damage. Page numbers appear to be original to the MS. There are seemingly some missing pages, with no pp.482-516 or pp.721-780. c.1280 pages in total.
Associated Peoplemanuscript owner - Boyd, Zachary
ProvenancePart of a large volume of works that Boyd bequeathed to the University upon his death in 1653. Have been cared for by the university from this date.
Source of DataNicole Cumming
Other Note
Sermons ContainedGods Providence is the Godlys -- pp.1-22The Richnesse of God’s Mercy -- pp.23-46God Our Refuge -- pp.47-75The Afflictions of Israel in Babylon 1 sermon -- pp.79-104The Afflictions of Israel in Babylon 2 sermon -- pp.105-122The Afflictions of Israel in Babylon 3 sermon -- pp.123-142The Afflictions of Israel in Babylon 4 sermon -- pp.143-161A Sermon for a Fast Anno 1635 -- pp.162-194A Sermon for a Fast Anno 1635 -- pp.196-229A Sermon for a Fast Anno 1636 -- pp.230-260A Sermon for a Fast Anno 1636 -- pp.261-287A Sermon for the Time of Warre -- pp.288-330Gods Axe At the Root of the trees -- pp.332-367The Barren Tree Burnt -- pp.369-422The Sinners Sute -- pp.424-449The Sick Man his Sute -- pp.450-481The Mariage of Mercy with Salvation 1 sermon -- pp.517-537The Mariage of Mercy with Salvation 2 sermon -- pp.539-563Joyes Joined With Sorrows -- pp.565-586Joyes Joined With Sorrows The Second Sermon -- pp.587-612Christs Spirituall Boxe and Bottels -- pp.613-647The Penitent his Peniel -- pp.648-680A Sermon Preached at the excommunication of a rebellious Adulteur -- pp.681-720The Lame Healed -- pp.781-849Christ and Cesar -- pp.850-873A Sermon for a Fast in time of Warre -- pp.874-906The Godly Man his confidence -- pp.907-923Christ Naked upon the Cross -- pp.925-950Mercy and Miserie -- pp.951-974The Safetie of the Church -- pp.975-1011Sermons upon the Sixt Psalme -- pp.1013-1046The Second Sermon upon the sixt Psalme -- pp.1047-1081The Third Lecture upon the Sixt Psalme -- pp.1083-1135The Fourth Sermon Upon the sixt Psalme -- pp.1137-1165The Fifth Sermon Upon the Sixth Psalme -- pp.1167-1190Sermons upon the prophesie of Zechariah ... 1 sermon -- pp.1199-1223The Second Sermon Upon Zechariah -- pp.1225-1242The Third Sermon Upon Zechariah -- pp.1243-1262The Fourth Sermon upon Zechariah -- pp.1263-1284The Fifth Sermon upon Zechariah -- pp.1285-1298The Sixt Sermon Upon Zechariah -- pp.1299-1320The Seventh Sermon Upon Zechariah -- pp.1321-1342The Eight Sermon upon Zechariah -- pp.1343-1373
Sermon Reports Contained
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