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PlaceUniversity of Glasgow - Archives and Special Collections (archive) (repository), Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland, Europe
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Manuscripts HousedGB 247 MS Gen 1221 [James Ferguson. Sermons on the whole epistle of Pa....], 1656-1662.GB 247 MS Gen 152 Sermons Rev Patrick Warner dated Rotterdam 1685GB 247 MS Gen 189 Sermons by Rev William Reid min[ister] of Stevenston from 1700 to 1742GB 247 MS Gen 340 Sermons by William Guthrie. Also a few sermons by other preachers. 1662-64.GB 247 MS Gen 341 Volume of homilies by various Glasgow University students of James Wodrow (1)GB 247 MS Gen 342 Volume of homilies by various Glasgow University students of James Wodrow (2)GB 247 MS Gen 368 A volume of sermons by the Rev. James Ferguson, minister at Kilwinning at more solemn occasionsGB 247 MS Gen 370 Sermons on the Canticles, 1653-1655GB 247 MS Gen 371 Sermon preached by Patrick Wodrow on Psalm 19GB 247 MS Gen 374 Sermons by Patrick Wodrow, D. D., Minister of the Gospel at TarboltonGB 247 MS Gen 377 6 sermons, preached in 1655. On various texts.GB 247 MS Gen 382 A Cleare Exposition of the Institution of the Lords SupperGB 247 MS Gen 383 The Doctrine of Fasting preached in sevin sermonsGB 247 MS Gen 384 Divers Sermons fit for the Edification of Gods PeopleGB 247 MS Gen 385 Jacobs Testament wherein are contained the bequests or legacies which he bequeatheth unto his twelve sonnes on his death bed. With a sermon upon his death and buriall.GB 247 MS Gen 386 The Fierie Furnace of King Nebuchadnezzar preached in eight sermonsGB 247 MS Gen 387 A Treatise of a Troubled Conscience with Sermons Preached at Divers OccasionsGb 247 MS Gen 389 Sermons Upon the Passion of Jesus Christ preached at the receiving of the sacrament of the Lords SupperGB 247 MS Gen 390 Sermons upon the Epistle of S. Paul to the HebrewesGB 247 MS Gen 391 Sermons upon that Most Excellent Song of Moses made a little before his deathGB 247 MS Gen 392 Holy Meditations For the Help of God’s People to Receive the Sacrament WorthilyGB 247 MS Gen 395/1 David Brown. Notes of sermons preached at Neilston in the church there, 1696GB 247 MS Gen 395/3 David Brown. Sermon in shorthand, 1750.GB 247 MS Gen 395/4 David Brown. Sermons by various ministers, 1658GB 247 MS Gen 395/7 David Brown. Sermons preached c.1749GB 247 MS Gen 398 Two sermons, on Proverbs 3.5, and Jeremiah 17.9GB 247 MS Gen 399 Collection of sermons by David Brown. 1697-98.GB 247 MS Gen 408 Communion sermons by various preachers, 1712-20GB 247 MS Gen 410 A collection of sermons by various preachers, 1695-1702GB 247 MS Gen 420 Notebook containing exposition of Isaiah V. 1-7, by Nehemiah Rogers, pastor at Messing in Essex. Printed in 1623. Also a lecture by Dr. Owen, on Psalm 141. 5.GB 247 MS Gen 425 Sermons by James Brown. Glasgow, 1709-1710GB 247 MS Gen 426 Various sermons, preached during the 17th century …1655GB 247 MS Gen 427 Notebook containing sermons preached in 1655GB 247 MS Gen 428 Notebook of sermons on various passages of the New Testament. 1661.GB 247 MS Gen 430 Various Sermons Preached in 1695-1700GB 247 MS Gen 431 Various sermons preached in 1695-1700 [2]GB 247 MS Gen 432 Various Sermons Preached in 1695-1700 [3]GB 247 MS Gen 433 Various Sermons Preached in 1695-1700 [4]GB 247 MS Gen 435 Sermons, by various preachers. 1693. GB 247 MS Gen 436 Sermons, by various preacher. c.1656.GB 247 MS Gen 437 Sermons, by various preachers. 1655. GB 247 MS Gen 438 Sermons, by various preachers ... c.1650-60.GB 247 MS Gen 439 Sermons by various preachers. Miscellaneous theological notes. 1657.
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