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TitleSermons upon that Most Excellent Song of Moses made a little before his death
ShelfmarkGB 247 MS Gen 391
Creation Dateca. 1623 - 1653
Contents NoteTwenty-nine sermons on the 'Song of Moses.' pp.819 - 822 (text begins on p.819) include a title page and some general comments on the Song of Moses.
Material FeaturesLarge volume of parchment bound in leather. Delicate/broken spine and worn parchment with staining throughout from water damage - this has weakened the integrity of the parchment. The first 9 leaves have substantial damage around the edge but there is minimal loss of text and the work as a whole remains in legible condition. Page numbers appear to be original to the MS and begins on p.819, 664 pages total. Folio numbers also included, 340 leaves.
Associated Peoplemanuscript owner - Boyd, Zachary
ProvenancePart of a large volume of works that Boyd bequeathed to the University upon his death in 1653. Have been cared for by the university from this date.
Source of DataNicole Cumming
Other Note
Sermons ContainedThe Song of Moses First Sermon -- pp.823 - 850The Song of Moses Second Sermon The First Part of the Song -- pp.851 - 869The Song of Moses Third Sermon -- pp.871 - 902The Song of Moses Fourth Sermon -- pp.903 - 922The Song of Moses Fifth Sermon -- pp.923 - 950The Song of Moses Sixt Sermon -- pp.951 - 978The Song of Moses Eight Sermon -- pp.993 - 1017The Song of Moses Ninth Sermon -- pp.1019 - 1037The Song of Moses Tenth Sermon -- pp.1039 - 1060The Song of Moses Eleventh Sermon -- pp.1061 - 1082The Song of Moses Twelfth Sermon -- pp.1083 - 1108The Song of Moses Thirteene Sermon -- pp.1109 - 1130The Song of Moses Fourteenth Sermon -- pp.1131 - 1148The Song of Moses Fifteenth Sermon -- pp.1149 - 1172The Song of Moses Sixteenth Sermon -- pp.1173 - 1192The Song of Moses Seventeenth Sermon -- pp.1193 - 1216The Song of Moses Eighteenth Sermon -- pp.1217 - 1230The Song of Moses Nineteenth Sermon -- pp.1231 - 1244The Song of Moses Twentie Sermon -- pp.1245 - 1260The Song of Moses Twentie One Sermon -- pp.1261 - 1280The Song of Moses Twentie and Two Sermon -- pp.1281 - 1308The Song of Moses Twentie and Third Sermon -- pp.1309 - 1326 The Song of Moses Twentie and Fourth Sermon -- pp.1327 - 1350The Song of Moses Twentie and Fifth Sermon -- pp.1351 - 1384The Song of Moses Twentie and Sixt Sermon -- pp.1385 - 1406The Burial and Age and Vigour of Moses Song Twentie and Seventh Sermon -- pp.1407 - 1428Lamentations for the Death of Moses Also of his Successour Twentie and Eight Sermon -- pp.1429 - 1460The Praise of Moses Twentie and Ninth Sermon -- pp.1461 - 1483
Sermon Reports Contained
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