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TitleSermons, by various preachers. 1655.
ShelfmarkGB 247 MS Gen 437
Creation Date1655 - 1657
Contents NoteContains 21 sermons preached in 1656 - 1657 by various preachers. The catalogue title for this MS suggests the sermons are dated to 1655 but the dates given within the sermons are 1656 and 1657. Most of the first page of the MS is missing but the remaining section reads - 'James Wodrow aught this book.' The first page in reverse (at back of the MS) is also signed 'Jacobus Wodrow.' The inscription and/or signatures reflect those in other MSS in the same collection - these all appear to be Wodrow's sermons notes, taken whilst he was a student at the University of Glasgow. There is no index in this MS (in contrast to the other MSS that can be attributed to Wodrow) and this appears to be missing. As such, the preachers throughout are listed primarily by their initials, making it very difficult to ascertain much information about these sermons.
Material FeaturesA small leather bound notebook, the original ties are missing and the binding is damaged - the back cover is in particularly poor condition. The binding is detached from the paper, which is largely in good condition (other than lightly frayed edges), with the exception of the last c.10 folios which are damaged. The MS runs in two directions, the front has been taken to be the side with the archive label on the inside cover. There are page numbers which are original to the MS, with a total of 186 pages.
Associated Peoplemanuscript owner - Wodrow, Jamesmanuscript owner - Wodrow, Robert
AcquisitionPart of a collection of papers of Robert Wodrow held by the University of Glasgow. The manuscript was acquired from Charles W Wodrow Thomson on 8th July 1891.
Source of DataNicole Cumming
Other NoteThe other MSS which can be attributed to James Wodrow from c.1655-1656 have been used, where possible, to identify the likely preachers of the sermons within this MS.
Sermon Reports Contained
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