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TitleThe Principles of the Oracles of God: The Second Part (Preached by Mr. John Howe...1691, 1692, 1693)
ShelfmarkMS I.i.32
Creation Dateca. 1691 - 1693
Contents NoteThis volume contains: 8 sermons on Ephesians 1:11; 7 sermons on Hebrews 11:3; 5 sermons on Genesis 1:27; 14 sermons on Romans 5:12. There are a few pages of rough notes, including some in shorthand, at the end of the volume.
Material FeaturesThe sermons are written out in fair copy in a large volume. The title page lists the volume's contents. Ruled margins are used for marginal annotations, including scriptural references. Pagination is original. Although there are no breaks between sermons, the breaks are indicated by dates and lecture numbers in the margins.
Associated Peoplemanuscript owner - Sanders, M.
ProvenanceThe name "M Sanders" appears on the title page.
Source of DataAnne James
Other NoteAlthough several editions of Howe's writings were published in the 18th and 19th centuries, only the edition edited by John Hunt (1822) contains the items in these mss. (I.i.31-33), but they were apparently printed from different ms. sources (Congregational Library Catalogue).
Sermons ContainedThe Decrees of God [Sermon 1] -- pp. 1-21The Decrees of God [Sermon 2] -- pp. 21-35The Decrees of God [Sermon 3] -- pp. 35-46The Decrees of God [Sermon 4] -- pp. 46-59The Decrees of God [Sermon 5] -- pp. 59-74The Decrees of God [Sermon 6] -- pp. 74-83The Decrees of God [Sermon 7] -- pp. 83-94The Decrees of God [Sermon 8] -- pp. 94-109Gods Worke of Creation [Sermon 1] -- pp. 110-126Gods Worke of Creation [Sermon 2] -- pp. 126-138Gods Worke of Creation [Sermon 3] -- pp. 139-151Gods Worke of Creation [Sermon 4] -- pp. 151-157Gods Worke of Creation [Sermon 5] -- pp. 157-168Gods Worke of Creation [Sermon 6] -- pp. 168-182Gods Worke of Creation [Sermon 7] -- pp. 182-198Gods Creation of Man [Sermon 1] -- pp. 199-213Gods Creation of Man [Sermon 2] -- pp. 213-224Gods Creation of Man [Sermon 3] -- pp. 224-239Gods Creation of Man [Sermon 4] -- pp. 240-253Gods Creation of Man [Sermon 5] -- pp. 253-266The Fall of the First Man [Sermon 1] -- pp. 267-278The Fall of the First Man [Sermon 2] -- pp. 279-288The Fall of Man [Sermon 3] -- pp. 289-301The Fall of Man [Sermon 4] -- pp. 302-316The Fall of Man [Sermon 5] -- pp. 316-328The Fall of Man [Sermon 6] -- pp. 328-340The Fall of Man [Sermon 7] -- pp. 340-352The Fall of Man [Sermon 8] -- pp. 352-369The Fall of Man [Sermon 9] -- pp. 369-380The Fall of Man [Sermon 10] -- pp. 380-393The Fall of Man [Sermon 11] -- pp. 393-406The Fall of Man [Sermon 12] -- pp. 406-421The Fall of Man [Sermon 13] -- pp. 421-434The Fall of Man [Sermon 14] -- pp. 434-445
Sermon Reports Contained
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