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PlaceCongregational Library (collection) (repository), Dr Williams's Library, London, England, Europe
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Manuscripts HousedMS 91.12 Sermon by Matthew HenryMS I.a.15 SermonsMS I.b.11 Sermons by Thomas MartinMS I.b.3 Sermons [and other writings and transcriptions of printed works]MS I.b.9 Gospels of St Matthew and Mark with 12 Sermons on CanticlesMS I.c.13 Treatise on the Fear of God with 2 complete discourses and one incomplete oneMS I.d.19 Sermons by Dr. JacombeMS I.e.10 Sermons by Joseph HusseyMS I.e.15 A Christians Stability only in Christ (Sermons of Robert Bragge)MS I.e.16 SermonsMS I.e.8 Sermons on the Gospel according to St. MatthewMS I.f.1 Sermons by Griffith Williams and Henry JamesMS I.f.14 Two Sermons by William BatesMS I.f.18 SermonsMS I.f.19 Sermons MS I.f.20 Sermons of Nathaniel Harding?MS I.f.21 Commonplace book of Samuel ReveMS I.f.29 Some Account of Mr. Gravener's last stated Sermon At the Evening Lecture in the Old Jury LondonMS I.f.3 Sermons on Sundry Texts Preached at Newcastle by Mr. Benjamin BennettMS I.f.35 Notes of Sermons by Thomas DoolittleMS I.f.37 Sermons by George HughesMS I.f.8 Sinnes first Threatninge In diverse Sermons upon the seventeenth verse of the second Chapter of GenesisMS I.f.8 Sinnes first ThreatningeMS I.f.9 SermonsMS I.g.18 Sermons preached by Thomas Juice in Reading in 1688MS I.g.21 Sermons by John WithersMS I.g.22 Sermons of John HoppinMS I.h.17 James CreswickMS I.h.20 Two HomiliesMS I.h.22 The Old and New Testament in Verse...with a sermon at the end of itMS I.h.27 Sermons and Other Writings by Thomas ColeMS I.h.28 Ten SermonsMS I.h.29 Sanctorum Speculum the Saints Looking-GlasseMS I.h.30 SermonsMS I.h.32 Sermons by Richard HoldsworthMS I.h.33 Several Notes of SermonsMS I.h.35 Matthew Newcomen's Farewell Sermons MS I.h.36 Sermons and Two HymnsMS I.h.38 The Union of God's Spirit with the Believer's DustMS I.h.42 Sermons by Philip HenryMS I.h.43 Sermons by Matthew HenryMS I.h.44 Sermons of Matthew HenryMS I.h.45 Sermons by Matthew HenryMS I.h.46 Sermons by Matthew HenryMS I.h.47 Expositions on Isaiah by Arthur Hildersham with notes on sermons by various preachersMS I.h.48 Sermons by John TaylorMS I.h.49 Sermons of John AllenMS I.h.53 Sermons of Philip HenryMS I.i.16 Five Books of SermonsMS I.i.17 Sermons by Henry ComptonMS I.i.31 The Principles of the Oracles of God: The First Part (Sermons of John Howe)MS I.i.32 The Principles of the Oracles of God: The Second Part (Preached by Mr. John Howe...1691, 1692, 1693)MS I.i.33 Sermons preached by Mr. John Howe at his weekly London lectures, 1693-94MS II.a.21 Sermons or LecturesMS II.a.5 Sermons Heard by Sir John HartoppMS II.a.9 Sermons of William WallMS II.b.6 (13) Sermon on Philippians 2:13MS II.b.6 (14) Sermon by William HolmanMS II.b.7 (4.) Sermon on Philippians 1:21MS II.c.73 Notes for Sermons by Isaac WattsMS II.d.40 SermonMS II.d.46 Commonplace BookMS II.e.14 Sermons by Matthew HenryMS II.e.15 Sermons by Matthew HenryMS II.e.16 Sermons by Matthew HenryMS II.e.17 Sermons by Matthew HenryMS II.e.18 Sermons by Matthew HenryMS II.e.19 Sermons by Matthew HenryMS II.e.20 Sermons by Matthew HenryMS II.e.27 Sermons by Robert BraggeMS II.e.30 Sermons by Samuel AdamsMS II.e.35 Sermons by Matthew HenryMS II.e.4 Commonplace Book of Unknown AuthorshipMS II.e.47 Twenty-Six SermonsMS II.e.48 Papers of Philip HenryMS II.e.6 Actuall Reconciliation to God Stated As to the Time of it’s ComencementMS II.e.9 A Collection of Autograph Sermons by American PreachersMS NCL L6/5 Sermons of Thomas GougeNCL L4/2 Sermons and Notes of John Collins
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