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TitleCollection of Sermons Preached in Wales
ShelfmarkMS 67B
Creation Dateca. 1642 - 1663
Contents NoteA volume of sermons, including funeral sermons, preached during the period 1642-1663 at Mold ('apud Montem Altum'), Llangynocke, Llaneurgayn, Llanvyllyn, Pennant, Langwm, Lann Rayder?, Beryw (Berew), Gwyddelwern, Llanwythyn, and Llwydiarth, together with prayers, among them being 'A prayer & Thanksgivinge [for the success of Prince Rupert] to bee vsed in the churches of North Wales 1644', and some later additions. On one of the fly-leaves is a stanza in 'triban' metre to the curate of Llan Gwstennyn. The sermons are in both English and Welsh.
Material FeaturesThe volume contains marks of ownership from the 18th century, including "Edd Pughe 1779," and "The Rev. Thos. Rowland (?) from John Jennings." The sermons are in three different 17th-century hands, all clear. The sermons in Welsh, primarily in one hand, are on unruled folios without margins, and run to the very edges of the cropped pages. Some of them are written in reverse.
Associated Peoplemanuscript owner - Pughe, Eddmanuscript owner - Rowland?, Thomas
Source of DataJeanne Shami
Other Note
Sermon Reports Contained
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