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Sermon TitleSermon on Mark 2:17-27 (descriptive title)
Extentff. 88v-97v
Composition Date -
Primary LanguageWelsh
Text TypeSermon
Sermon Type(s)Funeral
Bible TextsMark 2:17 - 2: 27
Associated People
Associated Sermons
Preachingsca. 1645-03-02 - 1645-03-31 (old) - Wales - Funeral?; This appears to have been preached at at least one funeral in 1645. One is connected to Oliver and Ewan Jespult?, supposedly on March 2, 1645, but the hand is difficult to construe. The name Pers Bynner is also associated with this entry, but it is not clear how. Location is not specified.1645-10-12 (old) - Llangynog (Llangynocke) - Occasion not identified; 1646-07-12 (old) - Wales - Occasion not identified; Location is not specified, but almost certainly preached in Wales.1651-05-07 (old) - Llangynog (Llangynocke) - Occasion not identified; 1661-12-08 (old) - Mold - Occasion not identified; This sermon was preached specifically on v. 27 of this passage.1661-12-15 (old) - Llanegryn (Llaneurgayn) - Occasion not identified;
Additional MaterialA short prayer before the sermon is preached after it as well.
Print Editions / Witnesses
DescriptionThis sermon is written with no margins; the folios are closely cropped.
Source of DataJeanne Shami
Other NoteIt is not clear that this sermon is on the specified text. On the first folio of the sermon the text appears to be Mark 2:17 and it is noted on the last folio that a sermon was preached on Mark 2:27 on a certain day. The whole passage records Jesus's responses to the Pharisees who are scandalized by those who keep the sabbath less strictly than they do. Preacher unknown.
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