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NameTimothy Woodbridge
Livedb. - d. 1732-01-01 (new)
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Associated PlacesYale College -- Place of BusinessHarvard College (University) -- Place of StudyHartford -- Post
Source of DataCatherine Evans
Biographical Sources ConsultedSibley's Harvard graduates, v.2 (1881), pp. 464-70.
Other NoteTimothy Woodbridge was born in England, the son of Rev. John Woodbridge and Mercy (daughter of Governor Thomas Dudley). He was part of the Harvard class of 1675 and took a second degree in 1678. He took a role in Hartford in 1683, and was ordained on 18 November 1685. He was on the charter for what would become Yale College. In 1684, he married Mehitabel, daughter of Samuel Willis and widow of Daniel Russell. They had several children: Timothy (b.1688); Mary (b. 1692); Ruth (b. 1695); John (died as an infant, 1697). It is not known when Mehitable died, but Woodbridge had a second wife, "Mrs Howell", with whom he potentially had Susanna (b. 1703) & Ashbel I (b. 1704). In 1716, he married again, to Abigail, the widow of Richard Lord, with whom he had Theodore (b. 1717). Woodbridge published several sermons during his lifetime. After his death, his widow Abigail conveyed two sites to the First Church and Society in Hartford, one for a dwelling-house and the other for a meeting-house. This was following the instructions of her mother, who had left a good deal of money.
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