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PlaceHarvard College (University) (institution), Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States of America, North America
Repositories Contained Harvard Divinity School Library (archive)
Harvard University Archives (archive)
Houghton Library (archive)
Associated PeoplePlace of Study - Adams, EliphaletPlace of Study - Adams, WilliamPost - Allen, JamesPlace of Study - Ambrouse (Ambrose?), JoshuaPlace of Business - Andrew, SamuelPlace of Study - Andrew, SamuelPlace of Study - Angier, Samuel Place of Study - Barbour, ThomasPlace of Study - Baxter, JosephPlace of Study - Brattle, WilliamPost - Brattle, WilliamPlace of Study - Brewer, DanielPlace of Study - Chickering, JohnPlace of Study - Clapp, NathanielPlace of Study - Clark (Clarke) , JohnPlace of Study - Clark (Clarke) , ThomasPlace of Study - Coleman, BenjaminPlace of Study - Collins, JohnPlace of Study - Colman, BenjaminPlace of Study - Cotton, JohnPlace of Study - Cotton, SeabornPlace of Study - Cotton, TheophilusPlace of Study - Curwen, George Place of Study - Danforth, SamuelPlace of Study - Danforth, SamuelPlace of Study - Dummer, JeremiahPost - Dunster, HenryPlace of Study - Eliot, BenjaminPlace of Study - Emerson, JohnPlace of Study - Estabrook, JosephPlace of Business - Foster, IsaacPlace of Study - Foster, IsaacPlace of Study - Gibbs, HenryPlace of Study - Gookin, DanielPlace of Study - Gookin, NathanielPlace of Study - Gookin, NathanielPlace of Study - Hall, HughPlace of Study - Hancock, John Place of Study - Hoar, LeonardPlace of Business - Hoar, LeonardPlace of Study - Holioke (Holyoke), EdwardPlace of Business - Holioke (Holyoke), EdwardPlace of Study - Hubbard, WilliamPlace of Study - King Richardson, William ('Billy')Place of Study - Leverett, JohnPost - Leverett, JohnPlace of Study - Lewis, WinslowPlace of Study - Mather, CottonPlace of Study - Mather, IncreasePlace of Business - Mather, IncreasePlace of Study - Mather, NathanielPlace of Study - Mitchell, JonathanPlace of Study - Moody, JoshuaPlace of Study - Noyes, Moses Place of Study - Oliver, JamesPlace of Study - Pemberton, EbenezerPlace of Study - Phillips, SamuelPlace of Study - Phillips, SamuelPlace of Study - Pike, John Place of Study - Quincy, EdmundPost - Remington, JonathanPlace of Study - Remington, JonathanPlace of Study - Richardson, JohnPost - Rogers, JohnPlace of Study - Rogers, JohnPlace of Study - Russell, JohnPlace of Study - Saltonstall, GurdonPlace of Study - Sever, NicholasPlace of Study - Sheapard, Place of Business - Sherman, JohnPost - Stoddard, SolomonPlace of Study - Stow, SamuelPlace of Study - Taylor, CharlesPlace of Study - Taylor, EdwardPlace of Study - Taylor, JosephPlace of Study - Thacher, PeterPlace of Study - Torrey, SamuelPlace of Study - Tozzer, AlfredPlace of Study - Wadsworth, BenjaminPlace of Business - Wadsworth, BenjaminPlace of Study - Walter, NehemiahPlace of Study - Watson Munroe, NathanPlace of Study - Weld, ThomasPlace of Study - White, JohnPost - Wigglesworth, EdwardPlace of Study - Wigglesworth, EdwardPost - Wigglesworth, Edward Place of Study - Wigglesworth, Edward Place of Study - Wigglesworth, Michael Post - Willard, SamuelPlace of Study - Willard, SamuelPlace of Study - Williams, WilliamPlace of Study - Wise, JohnPlace of Study - Woodbridge, Timothy
Manuscripts Housed
Preachings1696-08-31 - 1696-08-31 (new) - Sermon on Psalms 49:8 - Occasion not identified
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