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NameDaniel Gookin
Livedb. 1650-07-12 - d. 1717-01-08 (old)
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Associated PlacesCambridge -- HomeHarvard College (University) -- Place of Study
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Other NoteDaniel Gookin was the son of Major-General Daniel Gookin (1612-1687) and Mary Byrd. His brother was Nathaniel Gookin (GEMMS Person ID: ). He graduated from Harvard in the class of 1669 and in 1673 was chosen "probationer" and was put in charge of Classics at the college. He continued as Resident Fellow until 1681. From 1674-6 and 1679-81 he was Librarian at the college. He was made freeman in 1675/6. His brother Nathaniel had been preaching at Sherborn, MA in 1678-9 and a salary was proposed attached to this role. The records are unclear but it seems likely that this post was offered to Nathaniel but he declined and Daniel took up the post, with a new meeting-house being built. He was paid £40/year. Records state that Gookin preached both in English and through a translator to native Americans, and sought to learn "the Indian tongue". He married twice, first in 1681 to Elizabeth, the daughter of Edmund Quincy. They had four children (Daniel, Mary, Edmund and Elizabeth). He married again in 1692 to Bethia, daughter of Edward Collicott, with whom he had three children (Bethia, Nathaniel, and Richard). He died at the age of 67, following a long illness.
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