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NameCatherine Stuart (Catherine of Braganza)
Livedb. 1638-11-25 - d. 1705-12-31 (old)
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Source of DataODNB (Article: 4894); Hannah Yip.
Biographical Sources ConsultedODNB (Article: 4894)
Other NoteCatherine of Braganza (Catarina Henriqueta de Bragança) was born on 25 November 1638 at the Vila Viçosa, Alentejo, Portugal. She married King Charles II of England on 21 May 1662 at Portsmouth, England. This alliance between Portugal and England entailed valuable trading privileges; in addition, England pledged to maintain Portugal's independence from Spain. She had no children with Charles. Charles died in 1685, and on 30 March 1692, Catherine of Braganza returned to Portugal. She died on 31 December 1705 at the palace at Bemposta. Her remains are entombed in the Bragança mausoleum of St Vincent, Lisbon.
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