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NameWalter Travers
Livedb. ca. 1548-01-01 - d. ca. 1635-01-24 (old)
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Associated PlacesChrist's College -- Place of StudyTrinity College -- Place of StudyTemple Church -- PostTrinity College -- Post
Source of DataHannah Wood
Biographical Sources ConsultedODNB (ID: 27673); ACAD (Venn) (ID: TRVS560W)
Other NoteWalter Travers, born in Nottingham c.1548, was the eldest child of Walter, a goldsmith, and his wife Anne. Travers matriculated at Christ’s College, Cambridge in 1560 before transferring to Trinity College, from which he graduated B.A. in 1565/6. He was elected a junior fellow of Trinity in 1567 and proceeded M.A. in 1569. Though he and a senior fellow in 1569, Travers gave up his fellowship a year later as his puritan views had set him at odds with John Whitgift, the master of Trinity. He left for Geneva, where he wrote an anonymously published his major work, “Ecclesiasticae disciplinae et Anglicanae ecclesiae ab illa aberrationis, plena e verbo Dei, et dilucida explicatio,” in 1574. Travers returned to England in 1576 to have his M.A. incorporated in Oxford University before taking up a position as chaplain to the English Merchant Adventurers at Antwerp in 1578; he was also ordained during his time in the Netherlands. In 1580 Travers returned once again to England and became deputy to the master of the Temple Church in 1581. Further conflict with Whitgift, now archbishop of Canterbury, resulted in Travers losing his license to preach in 1586. Banding together with other puritan leaders, Travers made a significant contribution to the 1587 “Book of Discipline.” Travers evaded the persecution aimed at prominent presbyterians, but found safe haven in Ireland, where he was appointed provost of the new university of Trinity College, Dublin in 1594. Travers abdicated his position of provost in 1598 amidst the intensifying war in Ireland and retired to England. Travers died between 15 and 24 January 1635.
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