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Sermon TitleSermon on Psalm 9:20 (descriptive title)
Extentff. 157r-158r
Composition Date -
Primary LanguageEnglish
Text TypeAuditor's Notes
Sermon Type(s)
Bible TextsPsalms 9:20 - 9: 20
Associated Peoplemanuscript owner - Ussher, Ambrosemanuscript owner - Ussher, Jamespreacher - Travis (Traves), preacher? - Travers, Walter
Associated Sermons
Preachingsca. 1594-01-01 - 1598-10-31 (old) - Trinity College Dublin Chapel - Occasion not identified; The start date for this preaching range reflects the earliest dated sermon in this volume; the end date is the month that Walter Travers gave up his provostship and left Ireland for England. The place of preaching is listed only as "the Chapell". This is likely a reference to the chapel at Trinity College Dublin, where Travers became provost in 1594 and where James Ussher became acquainted with Travers
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DescriptionPreached by "Mr. Traves," who is not identifiable; Traves is an alternative spelling of "Travers", who is another preacher in this volume and most likely the preacher of this sermon. Likely James Ussher's auditor's notes, as he was a student at TCD at the time.
Source of DataJeanne Shami
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